The Statement Jacket

As much as I love dressing up I do like going casually. I seem to steer more towards wearing blouses because a blouse is much more flattering than a t-shirt. 

I have raved on for months about Topshop’s denim because it so well made. The quality of the jeans is brilliant they don’t sag around the knicker or knee region. This I find to be the case for denim quality from other brands which often goes very faded which is unlike Topshop. I think with Topshop you have to have find the size based on your leg and height rather than standard size guides which means the denim will fit perfectly around all of your areas. This I think is why they are so skinny. 

I then paired these skinny jeans with my black slip on Vans. Vans are again a great shoe for evenings and day time because you can wear them whenever and they never bring an outfit down or make it look too over dressed. These vans are super comfy yet flatter the jeans. I like vans with a skinnier fit jean because they don’t cause your feet to look super enlarged like a pairs of converse often do with skinny jeans. Instead they elongate your legs in my opinion really flattering the shape of your legs and I think its because the Topshop denim is gives a tiny touch of ankle. 

The sandwich filler for this look would be this staple simple t-shirt from Zara. Zara are perfect for basics their t-shirts have great quality and are affordable which often is never a combination because if you get quality you have to pay high amounts for it. With Zara they manage to make a compromise. I love these t-shirts for wearing with jeans such as this and my army style jacket. 

I then pair it with this army style jacket. This jacket I borrowed from my Sister after our Auntie gave it to us. She liked how it was a jacket that would be worn a casual basis but not cause it look too understated. I agree this jacket can sometimes be the making of the outfit like here. The outfit here is pretty simple if I hadn’t of added the jacket but with the jacket added in it spruces it up and becomes the key focus of the look. 

Black High Waisted Skinny Jeans- Joni Topshop T-Shirt- Zara Slip on Plimpsoles- Vans on the Wall Army Jacket- Topshop 

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