Denim Days

Denim is probably one of the most universal and most needed textures in all of our wardrobes. Without denim where would we be? I think I’d be walking around naked by now. Id be on a list for being mad, a police list and perhaps most unsightly scenes. Three lists I don’t fancy being on anytime soon. Where was I? Yes Denim. Denim is like the flour to a cake it is the basis for every outfit and without it we have nothing. Its universality with designs is what makes it such a great texture. You go from a pair of jeans, shorts to a dress. Back of the net being the perfect expression. 

Before I do continue, let us remember never to wear bootcut jeans with a pair of flip flops. Never. Never. If you want to, just don’t go out in public or be photographed in such an attire. Flip flops with denim shorts or skinny jeans yes but bootcut its a no from Ev. 

I found myself walking around my New Look lately having an epiphany where I thought I’m going to buy a dress. A dress you say. Yes I was even shocked when the smaller Ev in my brain said such a thing. I thought why not. My eyes were immediately drawn to this denim dress which to me spoke two things. The first, Taylor Swift. I love Taylor Swift, I think her style is so young and trendy. I like how she wears clothes that you can find dupes on our local high streets. I also love her music. I then was drawn to this dress because I love the tailoring of the dress- the slim fit of this dress makes it incredibly flattering for the lower half of the body which means ya booty is always slaying. I think with certain dresses like this one in particular a belt is a necessity to pinch the waist in and give the impression of a much neater figure. This draws our eyes into a smaller waist, bigger booty and if the babylons want to do some talking they look bigger too. 

I then teamed the dress with my trusted Western boots from Next. A pair of shoes that I have featured on my blog numerous times because of how lovely they are. I’ve always praised Next for their ability to design trendy shoes that are long lasting, made to high standard and can cater for a range of sizes. I have a foot size of  2.5 which means finding shoes is often a right pain. Yet Next, cater for my weird feet meaning I can remain trendy on foot. Thank the lord. Paired with this dress it does give off a rather Texan, Nashville type look yet still classy and sassy. Although I came away from the comfort zone bubble by wearing a pair of ankle boots without tights and with boots I felt as good as ever.

Dress- New Look

Boots- Next

Lipstick- ‘PLUM’ Lip liner from Essence Cosmetics

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