The Classic Red Lip

Unless you’ve been living under a rock the last few years you must know by now that I had an addiction, obsession or have been in a love affair with red lipstick. Red lipstick for my look has become a staple part of it, it immediately gives my look a sass boost as well as adding some class. Two things I take pride in. When I wear a red lip I feel like I can take on the world. However since developing an addiction to the colour I have overcome negativity for the shade because of its connotations. I was once told that it gave off the impression I was out and wanted to be paid for sex. Other’s was that it was too much for wearing during the day. I used to only wear it when I was out for special occasions but now the red shade has become a staple part of my look.

So time to punch those opinions away and share my top picks red lipsticks and ones I feel you need to have in your collection.  

Urban Decay  ‘Alice in Wonderland’ ‘Iracbeth’  £15.50

When Urban Decay paired up with Disney to create a range of products in association with the release of Alice in Wonderland last year I was excited but not as excited as my best friend who purchased the lipstick for me. When Urban Decay partner up with either celebrities or brands you can be assured the product will be incredible. In the way the Gwen Stefani collaboration was incredible we knew this was going to be special. This range of lipsticks were all comfort mattes and are beautiful both in application, texture and pigmentation. I adore wearing this red lipstick for both day and night wear. It lasts well and is a great red. The matte principle isn’t uncomfortable like other matte textured lipsticks. Urban Decay appear to have nailed the part about it being a ‘comfort matte’ incredibly well because I cannot fault the lipstick for anything. Often with matte shades they can be rather irritating due to the lack of moisture but with this matte shade that isn’t the case. At £15.50 this is also the price most of us girls are prepared to pay for a higher end lipstick and this is worth the money. I am aware that this range is quite hard to get hold of due to being a special release therefore I would look at the Vice collection for the same red above with a different name. 

Tanya Burr Cosmetics ‘Wild Safari’ & ‘Big Kiss’ £5.00

Tanya Burr releasing a range of lipsticks had to be the icing on the tree for me last year in terms of her brand. I am also well aware that icing does not go trees. I, as a fan of the brand, felt she needed to have launched a lipstick range much earlier than she did. Nonetheless the day she did was a great day and the pay off of those lipsticks were effortless. Unlike Urban Decay’s red lipstick range, Burr’s lipstick range are not matte in their texture or pay off but have a smooth creamy finish. This part of the lipstick launch worried me because I am not a huge fan of such effects of lipstick I much prefer a lipstick to have no shine on the lips at all because I often find this to be a recipe for disaster with smudging. I end up looking like the Joker which is not the look you want when trying to pull. However Tanya’s lipsticks last as long on the lips as a matte lipstick. Similar to higher end brands the pigmentation is flawless. My only criticism has to be that when I ordered ‘Wild Safari’ I was told the shade was an orange but turns out it is a red which isn’t such a bad thing when I love red lipstick so another one to the collection wasn’t such a bad thing. In the image above we have the true red of the collection; ‘red kiss’ which was a fab red lipstick for the festive season. As you can also see the lipstick does not glisten with the lack of matte texture but sits on the lips great. 

L’Oreal Color Riche Matte Addiction 347 Haute Rouge £6.99

L’Oreal have always been a brand for me whose packaging is second to none I think it looks as classy as brands such as Charlotte Tilbury and Bobbie Brown just without their price tags. If you want aesthetically pleasing lipsticks, L’Oreal has your back. Their nice on the eye appeal means I always give into their new product releases. I loved their nude range they released back in 2012 and it was the lipstick I used to recreate my first Audrey Hepburn look and later used the same lipstick as a choice for nose kissing. Perhaps the Julianna nude should be recalled and renamed ‘the nose kiss’. This is a great day red, for the brightness and vibrancy of the shade. The pay off like the higher end reds is as good. L’Oreal’s lipstick have wonderful smells to them which makes application great for the smelling senses. This red was used in my second Audrey Hepburn dress up and lasted the entire evening and worked great for mimicking Hepburn’s red lipstick choices. At £6.99 this a mid range choice of red lipstick and a great choice for adding to the collection. 

What are your favourite red lipsticks?

You definitely need to have red lipstick no matter what. You can have a great outfit, but it will always give you that extra little pop. 

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