The Retro Smock Dress

I consider my style to be quite retro. I love wearing styles that look as though I have travelled back in time to the 40’s, 50’s and sometimes the 80s. I find the style back then were so flattering and fit with my personality much better than the trends of today. I love how the hight street are taking inspiration from the fashion archives to create contemporary styles and trends.

I found this particular smock dress from Boohoo. I seem to always write a blog post that has a fashion item from Boohoo but their variety of styles is just unstoppable. I also consider their ability to go back through the fashion archives to create modern styles much better than other brands available. This dress has no fitted section so doesn’t become tight in the waist line but it does have some lovely flared sleeves which are really flattering and add a lovely spring like feel to the dress despite the black base colour of the dress. The length of the dress is quite playful too so is great for adding a spring sparkle to the look.

The hat I have had for so long now and is just a staple element to the wardrobe. The hat provides the look with a spot of extra sass that perhaps was missing. In a sense the look was that really ugly guy who suddenly changes his look up with a new pair of specs, a beard or buys new jeans and ups his game. The hat is this guy. The hat ups the sass by about 10. To finish we have my staple pair of Chelsea boots from Marks and Spencer’s. I think I am proving the quality of these boots by the length of time Ive had them and how after this length of time they are still as comfortable and classy. If you need a new pair of a boots or you’re wanting to buy boots in preparation for the Autumn or next Winter I’d seriously suggest you go to a Marks and Spencer’s. You can’t go wrong with an M/S pair of boots or shoes in fact.  

Dress- Boohoo

Boots- Marks and Spencer’s

Hat- Next (Children’s) 

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