The Tailored Jumpsuit

If you are a short butt like myself you will already know the downsides to being short. Downsides such as not being able to wear certain cuts of dresses or trousers because they enhance your shortness. However most recently I have found myself going towards trends that I would have avoided purely because of being a short butt.

Trends such as the jumpsuit. I found myself buying a few jumpsuits last year and will leave the links to those related posts below for you to have a cheeky browse at too. I now I have taken this interest in the jumpsuit trend up a notch and invested in a tailored jumpsuit. This jumpsuit was a skinny fit so was tight around the buttocks and babylons so ideal for appealing to the opposite sex if I say so myself due to all assets having their opportunity to shine.

I found this jumpsuit from Boohoo having spent hours browsing their regular going out range. I went onto the petite range which is perfect for finding an outfit that will actually fit your height better. With most high street ranges that have a petite range they have a petite model who is around 5ft which is my height too. I find most of my going out clothes from such a department because I know that the model in the picture is closer to my height so if it is drowning her it’ll probably drown me too. This jumpsuit I was apprehensive about because number one, its sleeveless a style I have avoided for years up until now. I now can say that I have converted because I love how the lack of sleeves gives your top half a really slim shine figure. Similarly I find that there is a better chance for your figure to work magic.

The jumpsuit is a size 8 which was the perfect size because it fitted perfectly in all the correct places which meant it avoided camel toe arising in the girly nether regions. Perfect. It also fitted properly in the leg department which is always a worry when buying any skinny fit outfit. Im not sure if it’s just me but I hate buying anything claimed to be a skinny fit or body con and it sags around the knee, crutch or tummy area I don’t need such things in my life.

I finished my newly found loved outfit with my staple sandal heels from New Look. A comfortable pair of heels perfect for all occasions whether; day, night, dinner date, clubbing or cocktail night. I think a pair of sandals worked great for finishing this look.

 What do you think? Do you like a tailored look?

Jumpsuit- Boohoo

Heels- New Look


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