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Whenever you’re having a fashion crisis the colour black is that trusted friend. Whether it’s a pair of black skinny jeans, a black jumpsuit or a leather skirt. It’s your faithful friend. It’s the friend who you call on a random day and is ready to drink porn star martini’s with you. Regardless of looks and cost. So you get it, when in doubt find a black clothing item. Browse through that wardrobe for that golden black item.

However black and navy do not work well together. If you have a black skirt, wear it with a white blouse or a black cardigan don’t wear with a navy cardigan. Now that is the same as wearing a jumper and a shorts. Again not a good look do you get me? If you can, avoid it do it. Avoid it in the same way you avoid bumping into your ex or that boy who always tries to slide into the DM’S.

This black midi dress has become a firm favourite in my formal wardrobe because it looks so good with my formal choice of shoes. I also love how flattering the shape of midi skirt’s can be. This is quite strange because lengths that go beyond the knee tend to be slightly too long for my petite frame. Often making me look out of proportion. An Ev tip for if you’re in the shorter lady section of clothing. Go for dresses or skirts which have an hour glass frame to them which means they will have a part that tightens the waist and elongates from the waist and beyond. This will mean your ankles will look much thinner as will your waist. I did have some negative feedback when I last wore this look from someone who remarked that it was not a flattering shape and made me look larger than usual. That is me saying that the person thought I looked fat. I am aware my top half is not skinny which results in some of my back fat rolling over. This I accept and have only recently accepted because I like the fact that I have curves. If you haven’t got meat or you like a female, who has no meat on her good for you. I hope you like bone. I, however, enjoy food, as much as I enjoy the gym so I’ll keep some back fat.

 This off the shoulder top is actually a body suit. The word ‘body suit’ gave me anxiety prior to clicking the ‘submit order’. My anxiety comes from it potentially being uncomfortable around the lady parts or being a recipe for disaster when needing the toilet. I can say that it is fine around the private area but can be an act of flexibility for the toilet. Just don’t go to the bathroom in a hurry! I loved this body suit because it just sits behind the skirt rather nicely and does not ride up. This means for the duration of the evening you’re outfit remains perfect. I love how the off the shoulder styling of the bodysuit adds in a touch of class but remains ever so sassy. Being off the shoulder also draws the attention onto the top and detracts the haters with saying from; ‘could you have got any more black on’.

Now these shoes are not black like the rest of the outfit but they match lovely with the silver earrings and other accessories. A contrasting colour such as silver works lovely at bringing the look together. I love wearing black and silver because they look so classy when paired together. To correspond with the black I also had to wear a red lip which works lovely at complimenting the remainder of the black in the outfit.

Skirt- New Look

Bodysuit- Boohoo

Sandals- New Look

Bag- Urban Outfitters

Lipstick– Revlon ‘Choose Love’

Earrings- F/F Clothing

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