Love is On

*In collaboration with Revlon Cosmetics*

Last week I received a very generous press release from Revlon. Revlon are one of my favourite cosmetic brands for two reasons. 1) I love the affordability of the cosmetics. Make up shouldn’t come with a high price tag just because it is of high quality. 2) I also love the aesthetic and promo work the brand does. I have loved some of the celebrity faces who have fronted their campaigns such as Gwen Stefani and Emma Stone, two beautiful women who capture two very different looks. I love how their branding targets all women regardless of skin tone and skin type. 

Revlon launched their campaign ‘Choose Love‘ back last February. The slogan or tag line is now a firm favourite of the brand and is attached to a lot of the lip products. Revlon kindly sent me the shade ‘Love is on’The lipstick claims in it’s description to

‘Be the new lucky charm and the product is guaranteed to bring more love into your life’.

When I wore this lipstick I immediately felt luxurious. I had found an aura of confidence which perhaps was from the flattering red tone of this lipstick. Red lipstick regardless of shade and tone is an immediate confidence boost. If red is a shade you can pull off, come over to the red side. It never lets you down. A day without red lipstick is a day wasted. To get the basic beauty blogger bits out of the way; the formulation, colouring and application of this lipstick is stunning. I love how smooth and creamy the formulation is. Despite the lack of matte consistency the staying power was top notch. My red lips last for the entirety any event. 

As much as I love lipstick I want to use this lipstick as a platform to discuss the topic of love. Lets think about the name of this lipstick. A topic I should have really posted in February, but like with all my content there isn’t a structure. I go with my gut, the resources and the chain of thoughts that are running through my brain. 

As most readers, followers, viewers, friends and family know I am single. I have been, for 21 years. I’ll let you, do the maths and work out what that means. A lot of it has been out of choice because I enjoy my own company. I do sometimes question whether men do look at me in that way or whether I have caught a person’s eye. I perhaps feel this way due to the lack of male attention one has received in her years of existence. Yet I enjoy being my own person without the responsibility or guidance from male superiors. Boyfriends sound lovely with all the happiness and joy a relationship brings but often I love doing my own thing; taking selfies, going to the gym and dancing like Beyonce with no shame or worry what my other half thinks. I just can’t seem to find a real life, twenty one year old version of Richard Hammond and Tom Hiddleston combined. A combination that feels very distant but there you go..

This lipstick and Revlon’s campaign made think about whether I ever been in love? I’ll answer that and say no. Lust. Yes. As a human being we all have had crushes or have admired males of our acquired taste. My acquired taste- dark, bearded, good dress sense and personality with a good attitude to life. I still haven’t felt him yet…That though, isn’t love in the capacity that most of my friends feel with their boyfriends. I wouldn’t say I have been heart broken, annoyed yes. Annoyed because males of my generation see me, like most other girls as meat. Meat that can be observed for an amount of time and then pounced upon with just enough compliments and likes on their pictures. Nah. Not on my watch sunshine. In the words of Olivia Pope, if you want me come and earn me. 

If this was an essay my tutor would comment, Evan back to the point. Yes…the lipstick. This lipstick has made me turn the word and concept of love on its head. I found that, yes, love is on. Why? This is because I have realised that if I love myself and accept who I am, and feel this aura then that is all that matters. If love comes in the form of accepting who I am; a sassy, heterosexual and single woman then so be it. Or whether it comes in the form of a person liking or complimenting this new shade of red lipstick I’ll kindly accept it. Its the lucky charm that Revlon want us all to find through this lipstick.

A red lipstick should capture love and passion all year round whether you put those lips on another set of lips or a nose, whichever you prefer. When I wear red lipstick and this red lipstick in particular I feel confident and I feel ready to take on the world. My red lipstick defines my personality and look. 

I feel ready to embrace my time as a single, free and independent young woman. 

Love is on. But this time, I am turning it on its head and loving myself. 

Trousers- Zara, Shoes- New Look, Cami Blouse- New Look

*I kindly received this lipstick as a press sample. All opinions are my own and are not influenced by the free sample or collaboration with Revlon*

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