Power Dressing

It’s no secret that I am complete with education and University. This means I am now searching for future opportunities like a mad woman. Specifically within the public relations industry so if there is a PR person reading this, I would love a graduate job within the industry. I am confident and a team player. I also have an excellent face to face and telephone voice and manner. Winky face. All this aside I want to discuss the art of power dressing. At my age, telling people I like to power dress or even slay in fashion is deemed wrong- Im too young. You’re never too young to dress confidently and classy. Today I bring you the art of power dressing and particularly the Ev art of power dressing.

Power dressing like most of my looks is one that comes from the 70s/80’s. It’s the look which reminds most people of a rather controversial but iconic woman. Margaret Thatcher. Thatcher for me, despite some political flaws remains as one of the most iconic women of our time for her ruthless attitude in a male dominated world. Something I love. I don’t want to discuss politics today though. I love women who stand their ground and prove that genitalia shouldn’t define your work attitude and ethic.

Power dressing for fashion gurus is considered a practice of dress which shows that a person holds power and authority in business. A type of dress I love. I may be a graduate. I may have very little business experience but it does not mean that I should dress like an intern or how a graduate should dress. In my opinion, first impressions mean everything. Lets give an example: the first time you meet that really good looking guy in a club, party or in the office they remember the first time they met you as you do too. So why treat the workplace or street any different? The way I dress should convey confidence. I may not feel confident as of yet, in this new business world but my fashion should convey my personal confidence. 

Power dressing for me is the art of slaying. Now slaying, I need to, apparently define for some of my readers. Slaying is not to do with relationships, it has nothing to do with me killing an animal as the Oxford English Dictionary sometimes defines it as. It, instead is the Urban term for looking good, kicking ass or just being a Queen. That is slaying. Slaying is to do with moi. When I use slaying in tweets, Instagram captions or anything it is do with my outfit being off the charts cool. It is approving of my quirky style. Since when has that been a crime? 

These trousers I picked up from New Look. The culotte style trouser seem to be everywhere and I have for once given into a trend. I have always turned away from culotte trousers because I was always conscious of them making my bottom half look fatter and also shorter. A combination nobody needs nor wants. These culottes, however, like a lot of the other culottes on the high street at the moment come with a lovely elasticated waist and belt which means it becomes easier to tighten the waist. Drawing onlookers onto your waist and the outfit instead of your rather petite frame. Or this is the thing I have in my head. I feel so confident in these trousers I feel like I can dress them down more casually with a pair of slip on vans and the confident and sassy look remains the same. Baggier trousers that have an element of tailoring in them like these ones often work wonders if you have a similar figure to mine where you have a perky behind because you can showcase it. Booya. 

This blouse I would not wear for an interview but I would wear it with this look in the mode of power dressing and slaying. However it does convey this power dress essence to it. I feel the over sized styling of the blouse makes it rather candid chic. It’s the oh does it look good look? When we all know it is working wonders. This means it works with this idea of slaying. The V neck front also means like the trousers on lookers eyes are drawn into the centre the look in favour of observing the potential mess you have co-ordinated. So perhaps we notice a potential nip slip in favour of the rolls of potential fat hanging over the top half. I’m not sure which is worse though. 

Tips for an Ev Power Dress

1) Avoid a bold lip: Although I love bold lipsticks 356 days of the year. I tend to refrain from them when power dressing or going for interviews because they often detract from the statement outfit. Instead go for a nude but a brown nude then you have some colour on the lips but it does not detract from your outfit too much. Neither does it distract anyone from you. You are the centre of attention work with it. Use your personality and your outfit to maintain and hold onto the attention rather than the people around you focusing on the bright pink lipstick you’re wearing. My favourite shades for this-
Revlon Colour Burst Matte Shade in 255 Stand out or Mac Cosmetics Matte in Mehr. 

2) Stud Earrings- This sounds like a Primary School dress code but when going for interviews or just wanting to go slightly more business like go for a stud pair of earrings. Again like the lips, your eyes and outfit can do the talking instead of having a metallic thing dangling off your ear. Simple cuts, prints and styles work just as well as bold floral and colourful prints. A pair of pearl earrings or simple studs aka Ev signature look. 

3) Be Comfortable: Don’t just go and buy an outfit because Vogue, Kylie Jenner or Instagram is telling you that’s what you should be wearing. Always wear clothes that make you, feel you. I always go for shapes and clothes that fit my shape and that I like the look of, in favour of trends. It also means that if you’re comfortable you will confident and then you’ll automatically convey an aura of confidence without you even realising it. 

Culottes- New Look

Blouse- Boohoo Petite

Sunglasses- F/F Clothing @ Tesco

Lipstick- MAC Cosmetics Matte Mehr


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