17 Things I Have Learnt

When you blog you find yourself browsing through the blogging hashtags on social media. This browsing ends up with you clicking on lots of blog promotional links and reading through lots of content and often buying the item they’re talking about. However recently the rage to be reflective in blog content is on a high. I’ve always liked writing more personal posts just because it tells you lot more about me. It also means I can be a little more amusing than I am through my fashion content, if I say so myself. Today like my blogging pals I want to write the things I’ve learnt in the last few years. I wrote about these when we were approaching the New year and I liked it so wanted to feature a few of those in this and feature a few new ones too. I also had a few photos that I had edited from a shoot for a previous post and wanted to feature them in a new post.

1)  Its ok to
have the same crush for longer than 1 year.

We all have
crushes whether it’s a crush on a teacher or on a celebrity. I have had the
same crush or obsession I think I can call it now, on Richard Hammond. The
crush has lasted I’d say around ten years and I used to find it slightly embarrassing
as it was a crush but now it’s amusing. Amusing that I have no interest in cars,
science or nature but will sit in a trance whilst Hammond describes these

2) Its ok to be

When you’re
a teenager being different is often seen as a flaw or target for bullies. I was
bullied for my appearance and hardworking attitude but now at 21 I have
realised it is ok to be different. Its ok to be quirky and dress differently
and I am happy with that. I love being different and not blending in with my peers and if that makes me unattractive then so be it. I would much rather be happy with myself then trying all the time to be something I certainly am not. 

3) The nose and
lips are closer together than you think

I mentioned this
on the last reflective post but like my other embarrassing moments it is one
that I will not forget. I was always prepared for my first kiss to be like
something from a film something that Jennifer Aniston might be in that you’d
cry over.  A scene that young girls would always have in their eyes for their first kisses too.  However, my first kiss was like the comedies that Aniston stars in, alongside
Adam Sandler. One had consumed a considerable amount of alcohol to calm her
nerves through the date but through nerves and adrenaline kissed the opposite sex on the nose in
favour of the lips. Looking back I was very very glad I went for my drugstore nude in favour of a designer lipstick would have been an absolute waste of application. 

4)  Madonna songs work in all situations

I love
Madonna and love every single one of her songs so using one of her songs to get
out or to improve a nerve wracking situation is probably my most finest and
amusing qualities. So I have learnt that if in doubt always think of a song
title and try and use that as a way of fitting the situation. I think songs
like ‘Like a Virgin’ work better songs like ‘Into the Groove’ … you tell me…Honestly it works but I would advise not actually sing the lyrics that may may make the situation much worse.

5) Exercise can
be fun

I was not a fan
of PE at school. I would use any excuse to get out of it. I would always ask my
teachers for other subjects if they needed help with filing documents as an
excuse to get out of PE. Now, however, I can’t get away from group exercise I
love my gym classes and have documented them frequently on this platform.

6)  Boot cut
jeans and flip flops do not go

Everyone owns a pair of flip
flops they are like the slippers for Summer. A comfortable shoe that works
great for being on holiday and being around the house. BUT! Never under any
circumstance should one wear these shoes with a pair of boot cut jeans like
most people know they shouldn’t but why would you? Unless you don’t own a
mirror or an ounce of fashion sense you just would not do such a thing. I would
also suggest avoiding cameras if you want to wear the combination.

7) Its ok to be

I am bubbly, confident and pretty
out going. Three things which I as I have grown up I have become proud of. Boys say they like
those things but I’ve learnt in the last 21 years that they might not like it
as much as they say they do. If they liked confident girls I might not be
single. I have learnt, though, to accept this and go with it and be the person I
want to be. I want to be this confident and outgoing person and nothing not even my impending life long spinster hood shall stop this. 

8) Music taste
is personal

Whilst growing up I always found
myself trying to fit in and trying to please people. I wanted to fit in with
groups by liking their music taste and wanted to be liked for what my music I listened to.
Or like the same as everyone else did. I now find that my Spotify and iTunes
playlists are so varied not even Sky could find them a genre. I love house,
trance but I also love indie pop and have a real soft spot for artists like
Barry White and Teena Marie both I know are really embarrassing but I love
them. Such legends. Music is personal you like what you like and should listen
to what you want to listen to not what friends or family tell you to listen to.


Life is busy
but I have learnt to always reply as quickly as I can to messages or
conversations because I learnt how frustrating it is when individuals decide to
read and not respond to messages. The blue tick on Whatsapp is rather frustrating
to see so just reply to the damn message. It makes life so much easier. If you know you won’t be able to reply to the message in a reasonable time just don’t open it yet- swipe the notification off your homepage. 

10) Never wear a bikini to an aqua Zumba class

If you are a friend or follower
on my other social media links you’ll know about my mishap in an aqua
aerobics class back in the Summer. Let us just say the instructor saw more
than just cleavage, he got a full cup slip. I was mortified but I think the
instructor may have been happier than usual seeing as I was the youngest pupil
in the class. Moral of the story, wear a very fitted and bust hugging swimming

11) Being
unfriended or unfollowed means nothing

When you find that a friend, acquaintance
or family member has decided to remove you from their following on their social
media your heart sinks a tad. You get a bit emosh but then you pull yourself
together. You then learn that yes they may have removed you because you were
annoying but in reality it was because your selfie that was slaying was a
reminder of the void that they have. So you make that account as private as can be and let your profile or display image be a reminder of the void in their life. 

12) Learn
to Spin

I dream of working in the public relations
sector, directing political campaigns and fixing crises. I dream of becoming
the real life Olivia Pope. So starting my career in the art of spinning should
come easy if I start young. When people decide to browse titles, statuses and
tweets it’s important to remember the context of your output to always have something
to rely on. 140 characters is hard and so tweeting your thoughts in those characters is difficult so once you’ve written the tweet, status or caption just remember your context. 

13) Theres
no shame in having a booty

When I was growing up the thought of developing
a big booty was a real worry because from what I knew it was not something to
be desired. Now in 2017 thanks to the Kardashians we can be proud to have big
booties and not be in shame of them.

14) Karma

That boy who ghosted me and that girl who picked on me karma
gets their revenge. In 21 years I have learnt that karma will get everyone and
if you go out of your way to be nasty or just an anus karma repays you for
this. So being nice and civil with everyone in your path is much nicer than
going out of your way to be spiteful.

15) It’s
ok to say NO

Although saying YES to lots of amazing opportunities is
great and is one way to deal with anxiety or it was for me. It can also become
rather claustrophobic because you find yourself saying yes to everything just
to please everyone and forgetting to say yes to the things that you want to say
yes to. In 21 years I have learnt to say yes to a majority of things that arise
but to also say NO to just as many things. Saying yes it great but being left
regretting the ones you said yes to is just as bad as feeling bad for saying no
to them.

16) Always SLAY
Slaying in the 21st Century for people between the ages of 18-25 and above in fact is the art of looking good at all times and going out to impress. In 21 years of living and breathing I have developed a love affair with the expression ‘go hard or go home’ which I use for looking good. If you are going out just for dinner you go out and slay. You never know who you might bump into. For me slaying is all about making those who rejected, ignored or picked on you feel slightly guilty. 

On the same subject this applies for everything if you are going to do something do it to your  maximum. If you go to a spin class go to the next gear and pedal faster. If you go to a Zumba class go for the higher intensity version and just go for it. And if you want your cleavage out in that dress you just purchased go for it. Don’t even bother if it isn’t 110% of your effort and time. 

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