A Guide to the Gym

As you’re all well aware I have been on a massive lifestyle overhaul the last 2 years. I went from doing as little exercise as possible; considering walking around the University campus and walking canines as enough exercise. This is enough exercise if you are exercising elsewhere and also eating healthy. I was also eating far too much quick easy food because I was always in a hurry between lectures and stress of writing essays. I also blame the anxiety of first year becoming too much so used food and reclusive behaviours as a way of dealing with not getting into my first choice University. I now have found my mojo through fashion and fitness. 

I never set out to lose weight in the off set when I first started with my fitness regime. Instead I intended on just finding new exercise classes as a way of entertaining myself over the Summer whilst searching for part time work. The weight loss was something which came over time rather than having it as an intention. When I saw the weight was coming off slowly it gave me some motivation which saw me wanting to go to more classes. 

With University being my main focus I prioritise University deadlines, seminars, essays and essential reading as my priority during term time. This means my gym timetable comes second in my life. This doesn’t say however that during term time I don’t attend gym classes instead I condense my gym sessions to high intensity blocks back to back when I can. I was told when I started University and also before that I should find something that helped deal with my anxiety and exercise has been it.

Since my weight loss became noticeable I am asked regularly for my tips for achieving a fitness regime that can be maintained for long term in favour of a short term fix. I use my fitness lifestyle as revenge. Revenge for any rejections with the opposite sex because why not use your abs or developing abs as a way of proving yourself. So here are my tips for going to the gym and sticking to it. 


I know this sounds really bizarre a fitness fanatic promoting her readers to not invest in a gym membership; Especially since I spend £40 on mine. I am not suggesting that you should not invest in a membership at all but give it time. My advice would be, to, try a few classes or trial induction sessions before you sign into any sort of contract. I found by doing it this way, I was able to go to the gym at my leisure without feeling obliged. The feeling of having to go to the gym will put you off I can guarantee you on that so take your time before signing into contract with your gym. If you find yourself in 2-6 months going to the gym more than once or twice a week then perhaps a membership is wise because it’ll be cheaper. I found myself spending £60 a month on classes prior to finding a membership which combined the two; because a membership that combines classes with the gym or a swimming pool is great. 


I was lucky that when I changed my lifestyle my friend was already going to the same gym I wanted to try so was able to go with her to not feel so out of place. By going with a friend to the gym or a class you feel less freaked out by the new environment and you might find yourself enjoying it a lot more. It also becomes like a gossip session because whilst you wait for the class to begin and after the class or in between sets you can have a quick catch up. Always thinking of the opportunity for a gossip! I now go on my own but being on my own I feel that I can set my own goals chat to anyone but also go when I want. 


Before attending numerous classes a week I was really anti the gym. I could not stand the gym environment because I always felt out of place so tended to avoid it whenever I would walk in. I also found it incredibly boring which it is. Anyone who enjoys walking or running on a treadmill maybe either lying or have no friends. At the end of the day you never see a happy runner. So I found classes would be a good start because it has a team feel and you make friends along the way who motivate you which is lovely. I go to a variety of classes all varying in intensities, effects and music choices but all have great results for raising the heart rate. You want to find classes which you find fun don’t go to a class that you can see from outside the door you’ll hate. My favourite classes are ones that have great music, a variety of ages and choice of intensity. I would highly recommend; Just Jhoom and Clubbercise if you want dance based workouts. Low intensity but quite fun would be Aqua but try and not repeat my act of having an entire breast falling out of your swimwear. For high intensity and high calorie burning yet fun would be a spinning class or the Body Combat. Both workouts will have you dripping with sweat but will burn off those calories before you can think about that guy annoying you or a slice of gluten free pizza.


When I first began my fitness class I refused to buy any new clothes because I didn’t want to waste my money in fear it was a phase. I soon realised, however, that buying new clothes was a motivator. When you see those snazzy leggings sat in your wardrobe or gym drawer you want to wear them, sweat in them and take a muscular selfie in favour of sitting in them studying. I love buying new active wear and find nothing better than trying on my new snazzy leggings that make me feel like a model for USA PRO. I should say I’m not but if they need a petite model I’m offering my services. 


Whether you’re one of those freaks who enjoys running do something you actually enjoy.  I absolutely love my Bollywood class because I love the routines, people and music that come with the classes. I also credit this class for my body transformation. I enjoy indoor cycling which has surprised me but am gutted when I miss a class because of the feeling I get from it during and post the class. It can be the hardest 45 minutes of your life but also a very rewarding 45 minutes because you burn 100 calories at least in the first 20 minutes through the change of resistance. I have also surprised myself by loving body combat because I find it a great stress buster. I use it to release all my stress, anxiety and anger about Uni deadlines, boys and general anxieties through punching and kicking an imaginary human being.  So warning, if you have annoyed, bullied or just given me grief you are in my head I am pretending to be in a boxing ring with you. I think that because I enjoy the classes, I want to go and this makes the difference. As a result the gym becomes more of a hobby than a chore like it is seen to be. If you see going to the gym as a chore you need to have a refresh. Refresh your routines, refresh your classes, instructors wardrobe and yourself. Use your fitness regime as a way of getting revenge after a break up use it as your stress buster.


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