A Spring in My Step

Spring is officially here. The yellow marketing backgrounds, the spring make up tutorials and of course the cheerful playlists are on full volume. With all of this mind I found myself reaching for a new look when I went out one evening for dinner purely because the weather was so lovely. It felt just like Spring should. The Sun was still slightly shining and it just had that lovely feel to it. 

The change of season shouldn’t mean that we put aside certain parts of our wardrobes instead we should adapt our favourite pieces for slightly warmer weathers. I don’t think my Autumnal or Winter wardrobe is any different to my adapted Spring look because I’ve kept my favourite pieces but just made them Spring friendly. 

1) High Tops to Low Top Pumps

With the Winter and Autumn we tend to opt for high top shoes whether that’s a pair of ankle or knee high boots or just a pair of high top trainers we all don’t like to reveal ankle during the Autumn time. Spring comes around and we can lower those high tops. As the climate has got slightly warmer and has less of a chill I have been opting for these Converse pumps. I originally received these pumps from my Great Aunt who is sadly no longer around but I honestly believe she would have loved me wearing these. I believe that she is watching from above confirming my style evolution and perhaps predicted it when she gave me these pumps. I had never reached for them until I thought how funky and sassy they made the outfit feel. I felt that unlike other pairs of my converse these gave a basic outfit a spot of character. I also wanted to wear them because I had turned a blind eye to them in my wardrobe because they always gave me blisters but, perseverance, people. And lots of cushioned plasters of course. 

2) Turn ups

It’s no surprise that I am wearing my MOM jeans once again. I find myself reaching for these jeans 10x more than my skinny jeans lately. Although not all of my family like these jeans I really like the shape and style because I find that having curves they really elongate my buttocks and waist. I also love how vintage they look. I feel very like Audrey Hepburn when wearing the jeans. I also like how you can adapt them depending on the season. During Autumn and Winter I opt for these without any turns up yet during the Spring I love adding a turn up on the ankle. This turn up creates a rather flattering and dainty look to a pair of jeans that often are not seen like that. Due to the wash of the jean they tend to look rather casual and not dainty but a slight turn up just adds a lighter effect. A turn up is also a great transitional effect to implement into your denim department as we move into less bitter in your pitta weathers. Whether you turn up the sleeves of your mac, jacket or jeans rock a turn up. 

3) An Orange Lip

I, of, course, wear my red lipstick whenever, wearing through the whole of the year without shame. I do, however opt for darker reds such as the blue tone reds through the winter months and then the cherry reds and orange toned reds at this time of the year. I found myself reaching for Topshop’s Infrafred lipstick this week and fell in love with the colour pay off just as much as I did the day I purchased the shade. I love how wearing an orange lip can add such a spring like look to the skin. The colour also compliments my olive complexion especially when I opt for a lighter and more golden eye as I’ve done today. 

How do you refresh your wardrobe for Spring?

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