Brunching with BAB

When I started this platform back in 2014 I never expected it, to lead to new opportunities with meeting people and going to events. For me it was a place to starting sharing my thoughts on various topics. A blog that started out about Jeremy Clarkson’s fracas has now become a creative sideline with readers around the UK and out of the UK. If you read and watch regularly I am immensely grateful for all your support! *thank you speech complete*

In saying this, I was lucky enough to be invited to and grab a space at the brunch blogging event hosted by award winning twin bloggers Beauty at Brunch or Lilly and Rae. The event was hosted in Islington in North London at a very Instagram friendly bar and restaurant The Dead Dolls House. I had never heard of this place before but after my experience at this event, I want to taste everything on the menu and go there for a blogging backdrop.  A new profile picture would be created in this area for sure.

If you are just starting out with the blogging shizz then I would highly recommend you become involved with the blogging community on social media because it is great to socialise online and in person with people who do what you love. And this is also how you find out about these great mingling events! Blogging is competitive, anyone who tells you differently is lying. It is competitive because everyone wants the latest paid advertorial, or content but there are only a few lucky enough to have these successes. So in some cases it is very cut throat so you spend a lot of time trying to make your blog sound something even better then already is. 

 I found this blogging event to be much different to previous ones because it was a very intimate morning/afternoon without any brands or big names. I think when brands come along with the day, it’s great for the samples and engagement but you become at war with fellow bloggers. I feel like paper cutting the person with my business card if they interrupt my talking with the brands. This one, however, was just small bloggers and Youtuber’s mingling, sharing social media handles and basically interacting. It was very casual and a lovely experience. It was nice to share stories and see the mutual commonalities we all had in common. Instagramable locations, everywhere being a potential photo opportunity all being mutual things we had in common. 

I would like to thank Lily and Rae from Beauty at Brunch for hosting such a lovely, down to earth and chilled brunch for blog mingling. The event was great for sharing stories. The girls’ also had some great competitions,  sponsors and attenders. Thank you lovely ladies! 


If you fancy seeing more, you can watch my video all about the event now! 

Dress: OASIS

Wedges: Marks & Spencers

Lipstick: New Look // Deep Pink

Handbag: Ralph Lauren

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