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We all live incredibly busy lives; whether we are commuting to and from work, attending meetings or lectures and don’t forget trying to keep and maintain fitness regimes, we are all busy. I have found that since starting full time work I am always desperate to find ways of being able to chill out. I feel that finding that chill time is essential for yourself. I have learnt from experience that the times I do not take a time to relax I end up sleeping poorly, not functioning and becoming rather ratty.
I’ve found 3 ways to chill out and want to share with you; including some fabulous chill out clothing. This really was a way to showcase some great pj items.


With having such a busy life I seem to barely watch television live anymore, I seem to watch most of the tv on record or through a boxset. I love boxsets! I am always that friend who can advise what to watch on the box! Watching boxsets is great especially when you can stream these ones in 4k on a 4k television because the viewing quality is so much better. The 4K imagery makes the action on screen feel like reality.
As bloggers and readers of blogs we know how much of a difference great photography makes and this theory applies to cinematography on television. The image on screen is just superb, you can see everything including the cabbage a celebrity had for their lunch. Think HD on 1000.
 I would suggest you all consider one of these purchases, for example Panasonic’s latest range of 4k televisions enhance the viewers’ viewing experience so perhaps make the investment to make your film night or boxset evening that 100x better. Maybe take a browse and place an order for a Panasonic 4K TV.  Think of all the great films and television you can watch when the weather changes in September. 

 I did write about my favourites and must see ones back last year but this has updated and I feel that we need to share these:

1) The Night Manager: Tom Hiddleston wearing a navy suit and sometimes topless is enough of a reason to watch this series. Also starring, Hugh Laurie, this is a great show; highly gripping and twisty. The show sets itself on Tom Hiddleston sneaking in and imposing himself as a baddy in an illegal trade deal ran by millionaire Laurie. I loved this series and would recommend to anyone!
2) 13 Reasons Why: This series was raved on about at the start of the year and as usual I missed the hype because with dissertation and God knows what else, I was too busy. However after Uni ended, I gave in and became hooked. This series is brilliant; sets itself around Clay and his first crush Hannah Baker. Baker takes her own life and decides to record a series of tapes. Each of these tapes has the reasons for why she took her own life. Every person who has ever effected her is on this tape. Clay has been given the tapes and now must listen to each tape until he gets to his tape and will find out why he caused Baker to take her own life. As with all the tapes they have all be listen to by the person who stars in the tape. Its a rather twisty, gripping and bitchy series; but is an eye opener for parents and young adults like myself because it is a true reflection of what teenagers are like in schools. Evil. I loved this and was hooked. The depiction of mental health was brilliant and has raised awareness of mental health in teens. I think if you put mental health aside which is hard to do, this is an incredible series for lots of reasons. Selena Gomez, the producer chose a gooden.

3) Parks and Recreation: After months of my Mum trying to persuade me to watch this, I finally gave in and became obsessed. This comedy series, starring Amy Poehler is just a very funny take on females in local politics. I love it. TREAT YO SELF and give this epic series a viewing.

4) Veep: Similar to Parks and Recreation this is another series you all need to watch. It is about a female president whose luck with politics is like mine with men. Its hilariously funny!

5) The Grand Tour: How could I forget the Grand Tour? When the Grand Tour dropped last year I was very very happy. The sublime editing, videography and 4k Richard Hammond was brilliant. Top Gear x1000 for sure. Amazon’s choice to film this series in 4k was even better, the visuals on screen looked incredible and made the viewing experience 10x better! A 4k television was a must for watching such great cinematography.


Yes, I know it is July and yes, I know this means baths are hardly ideal when most of us are sweating one out. However I love a bath, regardless of the weather. I think, this is, because most of the time I am working in an air conned office so I don’t know how hot it, is so coming home to a lovely bubble bath is ideal. A bath, however, is not a bath without a lush item. My top recommendations

The Comforter/Bright side/Rose Jam: perfect for bubble baths, these create great bubbles, smells and will turn your bath a lovely bold colour.

Blueberry and Sex bomb are my favourite bath bombs, they create a mini explosion in the bath and smell sensational. A bath without a lush item is not a bath really is it.


As much as I love dressing up in snazzy clothes and putting make up on, there comes a point when there is nothing better than coming home and putting on the comfy clothes; preferably PJ’s. When it comes to PJ’s there is nothing better than ones from Primark because they are cheap, soft and comfortable. The cheapness means I can buy multiple pairs with no shame and change it about. Both the nightshirt and silky shorts are from Primark and are great night wear essentials. You cannot beat a silky pj short, it springs a sense of sass to the night time even if you’re sleeping solo.

 A nightshirt does capture the whole Christmas Carol vibe but I love it. Its a great chuck on when you get out of a bath or the shower; its like nicking your boyfriends shirt when you don’t have the boyfriend part. I love chucking this on, when I am chilling or getting ready for a night out waiting for the moisturiser to sink in on the legs. Can you tell I love rocking the Scrooge look? I am, however, awaiting for the ghost of Evs’ past and present to appear one evening when I am rocking the nightshirt.


How could I really be an English Literature graduate without mentioning reading? I am guilty for not reading enough, especially now that I don’t have to read for academic reasons. However I am trying to read before bed as a calming method and this is working really well prior to bed in favour of scrolling through Instagram. My favourite books have to be The 39 Steps and Wide Sargasso Sea. Both books are just my absolute favourites and have read them too many times.  39 Steps I have seen in the theatre, seen the film adaptations and read the book. It sets itself on a man who gets accused of murder and is then on the run from the authorities. Its a fab read! Its thrilling and like the Night Manager is really gripping! Wide Sargasso Sea, however, is a text that is written as a prequel to Jane Eyre and is in fact the text I based my dissertation around regarding female oppression in  colonial settings. Another favourite has to be Richard Hammond’s best seller, On The Edge, an autobiography written by himself and his wife post his crash in 2006. A very astonishing honest account of brain injury. No Bridget Jones but gripping all the same. I love re-reading or re-watching telly series’ when I am relaxing as there is nothing better than just zoning out and going into a zone of relaxation.

 How do you chill out?

*This post does contain paid advertorial work with Panasonic, however this has not differed or altered my post, views  or content in anyway,*

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