Reviving your Skincare Routine for Summer

We all have skin and the skin we have at 21 will still be with us when we are 67 (random number selection) so it’s vital we look after it whilst we are young. I know this first hand; my Mum and Nan are both ageing very well for 45 and 69, both ladies look wonderful all thanks to the their skincare routines. I’m quite lucky because I love buying, trying and using skincare products. I think this is because unlike beauty products these make a difference for the long term not just for impressing that lad in the bar. To enjoy this area of beauty, however, I think it is important for you to find products you enjoy and I have been really lucky to have found such products. The majority of the skincare products found in my beauty cabinet in the bathroom or around 80% are all naturally based. This is not out of being a snob towards the traditional products, but I have noticed in the last year; the difference these products make and the effect they have on my skin. I find that with naturally based skincare products your skin reacts differently and you won’t have the same breakouts or irritations as you would with others. I have also converted mainly towards this side because I was trying new products and always enduring an allergic reaction to them and that is not a good look.

Removing Make up

It’s the end of the evening, you’re feeling rather merry but your bed is looking much more appealing then the make up removal process. I feel ya Sister!! I become almost obsessive with removing my make up and religiously remove it. Make up is great, it makes us feel like a million pounds but it is also frustrating for the skin. Removing it at the end of the days is great because it allows the pores to breathe which also reduces chances of you getting spots in the future. I’m not an expert but when when you do take it off regularly you notice a difference especially when you decide to be naughty and keep it on whilst you sleep off that extra porn star martini. I remember one night not removing my make up and the morning after regretting it big time because of how my skin felt the day after. It just felt really dirty but if I’ve taken it off, even when tipsy after, too many martini’s I notice the difference this makes to my skin. It’s the little things that make the biggest difference.
I use two products when removing my make up and alternate between these products. For when I am being lazy and want to be quick I use Coconut Oil. This oil appears to be the holy grail products for everyone. Everywhere I look, there are people using coconut oil for random things. I came across it a while ago and am glad I found it. I rub a small amount into the palm of my hands and then smooth it over my face paying attention to my eye make up. The oil melts the mascara which is a much nicer and more natural way of removing your make up instead of the standard branded removers that if you get in your eyes you fear for your eyesight.
My other beloved eye make up removal product is the Cleanse and Polish by Liz Earle. This has to be the greatest thing to be created since sliced bread because it removes all traces of make up. Using this in the morning and evenings to both refresh my skin and remove my make up is great. My skin feels smooth, silky and healthy. I adore it. I also am loving the latest smell the brand have launched with the scent of grapefruit. It’s a very summery scent that has a real ‘wake up’ vibe to it when you squeeze some of it into the palms of your hands.

Toning and Moisturising

These were steps I never bought into my routine until I was about 19-20 and was only because I fell in love with the Liz Earle: Cleanse and Polish so much I wanted to add to my collection. The sales advisor recommended I had the trio of products which in my opinion makes for a fabulous family of products. These products were the Instant Boost Tonic and the Skin Repair Moisturiser and I have to be completely honest. These two additions transform the routine. I love how my skin feels once I have used each of these products together. The tonic works great; leaving skin feeling smooth and silky ready for my moisturiser to just glide on. I describe it to friends as the base coat you would apply to your nails before painting them; this is because your skin feels prepared for the next stage that is moisturising.

It may seem that I put a lot of products onto my skin but this is a simple three step process both morning and night. Though as night time comes, I tend to opt for a night cream just because I am a creature of routine and using products. It also leaves your skin feeling wonderful for the next morning. My favourite has to be the Nivea- night cream because it isn’t too heavy that your face is left feeling greasy for a long time afterwards. 

Evs Tips


I went 4 days out of 7 last week without make up. Your skin will thank you for it, because it can breathe which means it’s not clogging up and doesn’t decide to create a mars sized zit on your cheek. If you do feel really worried or self conscious without make up: opt for a tinted moisturiser as this will give much lighter coverage almost giving onlookers the impression you’re not wearing make up.


I sound like a property developer, here, but I am being serious. Investing in higher quality products may seem like a massive commitment at the time but you notice such a difference in the quality and also the length of time it lasts for. Buying the trio of products from Liz Earle comes to £45 but this is every 3-6 months which is actually not as bad as other purchases. I would probably spend this monthly when buying cheaper and lower quality products so think about the long term. I believe you can get around 3 months use out of particular products if you’re careful which is one relief.  One word of advice which is pretty common sense to most people or people with half a brain cell but remember to do the lid up as if it leaks there is a £15 tonic puddle in your cupboard. Lesson learnt!!


Eating and drinking is fundamental to our bodies both and internally and externally. What we put in our mouths does show externally and I’m not talking about weight gain. I know that if I were to drink more water than I do now, I probably would have even clearer skin. Perhaps brighter to add to that lovely collective. I also feel that eating healthily is a massive factor. If I eat rubbish and drink a lot of alcohol my skin will be what is impacted as well my body. I notice that when you eat and drink poorly your skin has a yellow tinge to it but when you drink in moderation and eat in moderation your skin will have its natural glow. 

Understanding your particular skin type is vital when investing or treating yo-self to new skincare buys. I have normal skin, I’m not dry, greasy or combination which means buying products is quite easy. But I know that with normal skin I can try products and work out whether they suit my type. For you, perhaps, it is important to understand what yours is to predict whether that product will suit your skin and work well with it.


Lots of us all invest in gym memberships and a lot of gym memberships around the country all have spa facilities within them. I’m very lucky to be a member of a gym that has this facility and so take advantage of the steam room at the spa facility. Steam rooms are great for detoxifying the skin and opening the pores. This means that you skin is breathing and not clogging up; the clogging up is what ultimately causes your skin to breakout with; blackheads, whiteheads of plain nasty zits. If you have a steam room facility available I would highly suggest you go and book yourself a cheeky sesh.

How do you keep your skin picture perfect?
If you have any advice yourself or recommendations let me know!!

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