Risky Fashion

Whenever we buy new clothes we take a risk. We take a risk
because we don’t know whether our friends, family and social media followers
will approve of the choice we have made. Taking risks in fashion becomes the
central focus. I think we make risks on every occasion. I, for example took a
risk and came well out of my comfort zone for my University’s annual
Summer/Graduate Ball.

Dressing for big occasions whether they be a family, friends’
party or school event becomes such a nightmare that sometimes you begin to
question whether you should go. Feel it? I know, I feel it every time, I am, due
to attend an event since I can never make my mind up on what outfit to wear. I
probably feel a lot of pressure since I blog and post every outfit I wear to
events on my social media account; getting the approval of my peers has
become a big sense of achievement because if your friends and family approve of
your choices you feel even better about what you’re wearing.

I spend an awful amount of time browsing various Instagram’s
of both famous and non-famous women for two reasons. One: I’m usually jealous
of their bodies and make up. Two I always want some inspiration for outfits. The third being, that I seem to have got into a habit with stalking girls I don’t know but have invested time into their life so may so continue to be loyal. I have reached a point where now I follow girls who simply have the life I want so invest time into following their Instagram’s. Its more worrying when you go to search them on Facebook. Who said I did that? Not me, nobody let us pretend I never said it.

browsing through these Instagram accounts I decided to make a change for my
graduate ball this year. Since it was my last official University event I
wanted to go all out. I want to dress to impress which for me meant coming out
of my comfort zone.

My comfort zone in fashion, typically is either legs or
boobs. I am not one for having both babylons and legs on show because I am
constantly paranoid about what people around me are thinking. Although I don’t
honestly care what they think, I just don’t want the new look to give off the impression I am a massive hoe. For this outfit I broke my rules and picked a dress which showed off
the girls (boobies) as well as some leg and my figure. My weight loss and body
transformation is a chapter of my life that I documented so much on here I should
start selling it in Smiths but since that, I have become more daring in my
outfit choices. I have become more accustomed to wearing a bodycon style jumpsuit
or dress because I no longer feel uncomfortable with my appearance. I have
accepted my figure, size and shape for what is and want to maintain it.

I selected this dress from my trusted Boohoo. Boohoo public relation’s
if you are reading this, please I use your site all the time when needing a new
outfit and that is quite evident from every fashion post I write. *Insert winky face*

The asymmetric
style of the dress means that it is perfect for girls like myself with an hour
glass figure. The beautiful cut of the dress means that it elongates around the
waist and hips really drawing focus on the curves. The detailing also I found to
be quite flattering for showing my slimmer figure. With some trusted body tape
or tit tape as my Mum and I call it, the babylons just sit there and do not
come out for play time. This is a bonus because I did not want a repeat of my
aqua aerobics class. The length of the dress I would suggest is midi which
means it doesn’t reveal as much leg as you think it would which is great since
you do have a very large amount of titty on display. As I mentioned, I do prefer
to have one or the other on display. I then paired the dress with a pair of
heels I swear by. These heels I brought a few years back from Next. Next shoes I
swear by because the quality is great and can be worn by moi. I love this
because most retailers forget about people like myself with smaller feet. I
love these heels- the caged detail always gives the impression of slimmer ankles
and of course wearing heels you feel that added bit taller. Always a bonus.

I thought this dress when it arrived I would feel out of my
depth but instead I am in love with it. I loved how it made me feel on the
night and how it made me come out of my fashion comfort zone. I took a risk and
it paid off.

What do you think?

Dress- Boohoo

Shoes- Next

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