The Ruffle Trend

It feels, almost impossible to avoid certain trends when shopping for clothes at the moment. Every where we turn clothing retailers either have; ruffles, gingham or the colour yellow in their latest clothing pieces. All these trends are great but as I have noted before on this cornerstone- I prefer to avoid getting on board with trends. Rather than buying statement trend pieces I take a feature of the current fashion trend and then work it into my wardrobe. Today I bring you the ruffle. 

Ruffles and frills have been in fashion for decades. If we go back to the Elizabethan Era they were loving the ruffles and now in 2017 I, too am loving the ruffled look. If Queen Lizzie the first, can work a ruffle so can Ev. I love the ruffle because I believe that it multi tasks at being both the statement item as well as the accessory. With ruffles on the sleeves or the neckline you end up not needing any accessories to spruce the outfit out which is great if like me, you are lazy and incapable of accessorising. The ruffle detailing at the bottom of the sleeve works great as the bracelet that you couldn’t locate and looks rather delicate with a ring. Simple and delicate ruffles work really well at adding a spot of delicacy to the outfit but remaining ever so sassy and classy.

I purchased this blouse from Boohoo. As I wrote, that sentence it felt rather like deja vu because I seem to find so many pieces from Boohoo and disclaimer alert I am not sponsored by the brand I just always find myself going back to the site when wanting a wardrobe refresh. So, yes this blouse I ordered very randomly because as family reading this know I am not a huge fan of long sleeve blouses and shirts I really despise wearing tightly fitted clothes. I love three quarter shirts because they feel so much more comfortable and so this was a real random choice. Despite the randomness of the purchase I continued to the checkout and am rather happy with my random choice. And yes if there was a drinking game for how many times can Ev say the word ‘random’ we would all be on our way to being very drunk. 

The roll neck of the shirt reflects black to the roll neck trend jumper trend which dominated the retailers back in the Autumn so I love how this blouse speaks back to the Autumn design feature. 

I thought, paired with my favourite MOM jeans from Topshop this blouse shouts Summer evenings; an outfit to consider for evenings out, perhaps for dinner. I also love a nude heeled sandal such as these ones from New Look which are a staple pair of shoes. The colour of the shoe works well with most outfits and 9/10 avoids clashing. 

Jeans- Topshop – MOM Jeans
Blouse- Topshop
Shoes- New Look

*Photography- Olympus Pen EPL8 *45mm Lens*

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