The Spring Beauty Aesthetic

When Spring comes around I find myself putting the red lipstick to one side and leaving it for the evening time. But I can’t stand wearing a pale shade of lipstick because I just don’t find, that it works for my confidence as well as a bright lipstick. So when Spring comes around the corner I go for orange shades. Orange is such a great shade for the Spring time because it’s fun and vibrant, two features that Spring and Summer brings. I love how Orange lips just provide that spot of colour that red does but with just with a subtler effect. 

I am very fortunate that I have good skin which means I tend not to get too many spots. Or I do, but when Mother nature is lurking in the barracks if you get where I’m going with that. So for my base products I love a foundation or BB cream type base product because its lighter and never feels to heavy. Despite the light weight feel of my products I love how even the coverage is once applied with a flat foundation brush or beauty blender. 



Whether you use your finger tips or a brush. Application is key for an evenly distributed base beauty products. When you use good tools for application your make up looks so much better and if you’re not in agreement I’ll need proving why. For Spring and Summer I bring the flat foundation brush out because I find the distribution of the make up to be much lighter and less heavy. Sometimes it does streak which means I go back over with a beauty blender dupe just to smooth over such access. My top picks

– N07 Flat Foundation Brush

– Make up Revolution’s Sponges


As much as I hate having oily patches, I do hate looking as though my face has lost all its moisture. This dehydrated look, often comes through when I apply a matte powder. This is great for night club evenings or looks that require that bit more time on the skin. For this time of year, however, a nice light glowing base is ideal. This means I tend to steer clear from powders that do specific things such as mattifying the base in place or adding extra coverage. I instead apply a translucent powder just in the areas that may slip off during the day. Areas such as my chin and under my eye area.


As much as liquid liner can be the making or breaking of a look it does become the annoyance of any look? Why? Because if you have’t bought a long lasting one the chances of your cat eye flicks lasting the full day are low so you end up looking like Alice Cooper in favour of Audrey Hepburn. It’s also a pain because if you can’t do your flicks to perfection you end up with smudging. This means that I tend to just avoid liquid based formulas, instead I go for pencil liners and matte eye shadows because the chances of these smudging through the day are low. 


Similar to liner I avoid black liners and black eyeshadows at this time of year or during the day because I think they are far too heavy for this time of year. Instead I bring back some brown or burnt orange shades. This also means bringing out some great classic eye shadow palettes

– Urban Decay: Ultimate Matte Basics

– Urban Decay Naked 2

Urban Decay Gwen Stefani Palette


Bronzer is an all year product but at this time of year adding a sun kissed glow is wonderful. It is even better when the weather isn’t St Tropez but Sheerness so you have to bronze those cheek bones up. 

What are your tips for a portrait spring refresh?

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