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In a woman’s handbag you will find lots of the necessities; a
lipstick, a pair of earphones, her purse and her phone but one thing she’ll
have either in a miniature make up bag or in a secret zip will be her monthly
equipment. Monthly equipment you ask? Yes, we all know, it’s the dreaded period
relief products. The tampons, the sanitary towels and whatever else you may use.
The sanitary items will be products that you’ll keep so secret even MI5 would
struggle to locate; us girls are so quiet and hidden about menstruation.
Despite every girl going through the chat at school and at home with her Mum,
there is still this stigma that sits around periods. Women are still very
closed off about openly saying their headache or stomach cramp is period related.
Even the word ‘period’ is deemed wrong, we find ourselves using other names, or
phrases to describe it. My least favourite is, is when you’ll hear girls saying
‘they are on.’ You ask why I dislike this phrase? Well firstly, we are not
lightbulbs or switches we are not on. Your body is telling you it’s working correctly,
it is also telling you that you are not pregnant – which may or may not be good
news for you. Although it would be great if your body could just give you a
memo reading ‘not preggers babes’.

I can’t lie and be all liberated and full of it when it
comes the subject; for one I don’t like anyone to know about the subject. I
will disguise the issue trying to avoid any mention unless it is a necessity.
Nobody shall know. The only sign, I am rather sensitive and emotional 2 things
I tend not to be. So if I get upset over the tiniest things it’s usually
hormonally related. Why do I bring periods up? Well, you’ll be pleased to know
I have found the revolution for your monthly nightmare. 

I despise the monthly arrival of mother nature; I despise
her arrival more than those guys who creep into the direct messages after
ignoring you for 6 months. The pain, the mood swings and the general
maintenance is a real nightmare. However, I have found a marvellous invention.
The FAB LITTLE BAG. These little gems were gifted to me and ever since I opened
them I have been intrigued by them. I loved how quirky they looked and how
their aesthetic purpose was not a distraction from their purpose. Essentially
these fab little bags, (excuses lots of puns) are for you to dispose your sanitary
product into. For example, last month mother nature was on her rounds and I was
able to discreetly place my product into this lovely looking bag because
annoyingly the toilet, I was using was not stocked up with tissue. In this
situation, you sit panicking you’re sat in a rather embarrassing toilet
position with your knickers on your ankles wondering ‘is this where I’ll spend
the rest of my life waiting the cleaner or toilet paper supplier?’ but with
this fab little bag (and yes I did it again) no need to worry. This is because
thanks to this, you place your item in this bag and leave the toilet without
being found with no underwear on in a desperate position for the toilet paper. You
can find that bin that is sat on the other side of the bathroom to dispose that
little nasty into. Back of the net!

The aim of this creation was to encourage women to stop
putting their waste of this sort down the toilet because this is not
environmentally friendly. I love how although this has a practical purpose these
little bags just look so good. I now have a new addition in my little make up
bag which contains all the monthly SOS products and this fab little bag has
just become a great feature.

If you fancy a revolution in your handbag or learning about how these revolutions are created and who by, head over to their Fab Little page. You can also locate these delights in stores such as: Waitrose, Ocado, Whole Foods, Amazon or Ethical Superstore. 

These products were gifted

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