Being Bold with Jewellery


I was a late comer when it came to piercings. I was a bit of a wimp; always refused every opportunity to have my ears pierced in fear of the pain. Unlike some girls whose parents wouldn’t allow it unless their children had reached a certain age my parents were ok with the idea of it. However, I was too much of wimp to get it done. When I turned 19, however, I plucked up the courage and had them pierced. It was not as painful as I had imagined it being, as my Nan said, a small prick which is was. It was this day, that was a game changer. Changing the way I approached fashion because I could now add accessories into wish lists and make them a part of an outfit.


Accessories can make or break an outfit usually. Some people never understand that if you have lots going on in the top half, you do not need to add a bold necklace because it becomes too much. It’s one or the other in my opinion. However, with earrings these can be as bold as you like as today I will showcase. How exciting!

For the first year of entering the pierced ears world, I avoided wearing large bold earrings because I was told this by stretch the hole. As much as I love my friends who do have stretched ears, this is not a look that would suit me. Anyway, since when did Audrey Hepburn have stretched ears? Insert the cheeky winky face. 😉 However, whilst on holiday in Madrid (post coming soon) I found these gems.


Everywhere we look we see the designers of both high end and high street creating statement earrings that are so statement, even protesters are considering wearing them for their next rally. So, as per normal I have got onto this trend about a month after the hype. Simply because I needed to find my lady balls to wear them. Earrings take courage, especially of this scale because the minute you pop them on they become the focus. People are immediately drawn to them which is one bonus when trying to get peoples attention.


When I picked these up, I knew I was onto a winner simply for the colour. The colour red, is just my statement colour. It’s a colour that I feel like I have adopted and has become a colour that sums my style up quite nicely. It’s fun and bold two things I sure am.



Tips for Statement Earrings

– BUY COLOUR: As much as I love glitzy earrings, I much prefer a simple coloured pair of statement earrings like these ones because they do the talking but do not detract you from the outfit I have on. You still take a look at the outfit. With colour, however, make sure the colour matches the outfit. So if you have a black outfit on, don’t then match it with navy earrings.


– BUY HIGH STREET: Statement earrings are everywhere but my advice would be to look on the good old British high street since they are replicating some wicked designs. Also, with them being in trend at the moment, you don’t want to spend a fortune for them to be out of fashion by the time you take a selfie in them. My favourite places for these bad boy earrings: Zara, Topshop or H/M three places that are knocking the others out of the water for statement jewellery.


– BE BRAVE: Don’t worry if you’ve usually worn a pair of studs go for it. Be brave and just make a statement.


Have you got any favourite statement jewellery items?


Items Worn


Dress: H/M

Earrings: Zara (Spanish) 

Lipstick: Rimmel Kate Moss 110 

Eyeliner: Revlon Colourstay Felt Tip liner (Noir)

Nail Varnish: Essie Russian Roulette Red

Ring: Pandora

Watch: Tagheur

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