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Imagine the scene: you’ve got the day off, there are no gym classes you fancy and the day to yourself with a few errands to run. You’re thinking what do I wear that isn’t over the top neither is it ridiculously too chill? I’m not a huge fan of lounge wear; can’t think of anything worse than going out in tracksuit bottoms both on me and any male friend: some girls find that the right turn on, for me the National Grid turn on the Nations’ power faster in a power cut then me with men in leisure wear. *Forgets chain of thread*.  Anyway, casual days what to wear…

When I was at University and writing my dissertation I was a creature of comfort wear that was still effortlessly chic for those days you’ve got to pop to the shops or pop to an appointment. I was having a conversation the other day, about how, there isn’t such a thing as comfortable jeans and there isn’t. I love my Mom, my Boyfriend jeans and my Skinny jeans but they are not comfortable for slouching the house around in or even when you want just a relaxing day; or what I call the real housewife  of ” day. The day you pop out wearing your gym wear with no intentions of actually sweating one out. You’ll wear your it however, for coffee and look as though you’re going because assuring your peers you exercise is a must. I hate putting lounge wear on; feeling and looking awful. When I chuck on my ugliest tracksuit bottoms, I feelvery sluggish and quite terrible to look at to be honest so where do I go to….?

It’s no surprise really, but my wardrobe and drawers containing all of my gym wear are partly for the gym but also for those days when I can’t be bothered to look quirky in polka dots. In the last few years, and since I got into fitness, the gym wear market has become a wash of fashionable and trendy pieces that you can wear away from the spin studio. And today I bring you my favorites and how we can all wear our active wear everyday. 

Whilst at a bloggers event back in June, I got chatting to Joanne Betts and Jemma Bolt, the founders of online fashion retailer ‘Style Sportif‘. I’d never heard of the brand until the event but was soon interested with the brand; since it combined two of my favourite things on a html. Fashion and active wear. The website appreciates that gym wear shouldn’t just be functional but it should also be fashionable. I am a firm believer, in, that when I feel good in what I am wearing I feel more confident and can tackle anything. Whether you wear the lycra to the gym or the shops you should feel sassy in it. 

I was really grateful to have been offered an opportunity to pick my favourites from the latest release in fitness wear that the ladies at Style Sportif have to offer. For me, if I can pose in a candid manner in my local vicinity wearing this outfit; I can pedal to trance music, squat to sexy rap music and punch to insane electric trance bangers. This set, I selected is right up my street for gym or leisure wear. Its figure hugging, always a perk when you want to showcase your booty after 10KG squats and fits in all the great places. It also doesn’t give me camel toe. Nobody needs to see your camel toe love, so get a size up or pull that lycra from your female area!! 

Both the leggings and sports bra are from a brand called Bellum Active. A brand that until admiring the site, had never heard of, however the minute I saw this quirky set, I needed the look. Bellum active claims their gym wear combines; Femininity, Strength and Performance in their designs to avoid comprising style when working out. Thank the Lord, a brand has answered our prayers. So first things, the sports bra or crop top whatever you want to define it as. This is the Black Diamond luxe Crop Bra and it offers medium support which is ideal for my workout sessions as well as day to day errands. Sports Bra’s are the bestest things since sliced bread and yes that was an Alan Partridge quote on a fashion blog.
Sports bra’s are my go to on a Sunday because they give enough support without making you feel like you’re wearing a bra. It’s just enough support to prevent the neighbours or checkout operator from seeing your entire babylon. I then was asked if I wanted to try the matching leggings too, since coordination is a beautiful thing.  The leggings are in the same Black Diamond Luxe Leggings . These leggings glide on like vaseline on the lips. They feel incredible and are so comfortable that working out in the gym would feel strange. I’m not sure I want to get them hot and sweaty since I want to wear them and strut down an isle of a supermarket in them. These are perfect! I love, how the fit doesn’t drown me either which is often the case with some gym leggings that don’t cater for the petite ladies like myself. 

I love that this outfit can be something I can wear to the gym if I fancied it but also wear it to be my next gluten free food shop without feeling out of place. I’m super impressed and now can quite happily confirm my guilty pleasure, is, is wearing gym wear out when I have no intention of lifting any 10KG weights in a studio..

If you fancy it, maybe take a browse over the site and get 20% off with my discount code


Gym wear you are coming further than a spin bike! 

* This post was in collaboration with Style Sportif and has not changed my views towards the product or brand.*

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