The 1940’s Hair Scarf

I love the style of 40s and 50’s. I believe that it was the
epitome of sophistication and class. Women were proud of their figures; having curves was not something to be shameful of, women embraced their figures. Men also were much more accepting, by this I mean- they said they liked curves and then ended up beside a woman with curves rather than a woman with little curves on her. (Soz, had to get that in there) I personally love injecting elements of vintage style into my daily wardrobe since I feel it has a significant amount of character that our everyday high street pieces are lacking. I love finding pieces on the high street, however, that do have a touch of vintage about them.

For ages I have loved wearing scarves as hair accessories I
think they can really spruce up an outfit. The head scarfs, I just make into neck tie. Cos, once I watched The Roman Holiday, saw Audrey Hepburn was wearing a neck tie and now I refuse to dislodge mine—(admits, to an entire section in my clothing dedicated to neck tie and hear scarves.) A boring outfit can be immediately made into something quirky and stylish. At the moment, New look and H&M have some great hair accessories that be used as neckerchiefs or the head scarf as I am wearing. I love them. I love the variety of patterns, styles and colors of the scarf. When in doubt add a quirky head scarf and the sass will come
with it.

*Keeps it short, cos, there’s only so much I can say about why I need to add a necktie to every outfit in my wardrobe, or head tie for that matter*

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