U K Hun

Ever found yourself going through your social media feed looking at the comments of a status a user has written? The status usually is asking for attention because they have attached themselves at a hospital and their friends have commented on the post with ‘U K HUN’. This sentence in the last few years has become an iconic statement and became the hello between my friends and I, at University. I think because, firstly it sums up the middle aged woman population of Facebook as well as sarcastic teens and young adults like myself. I, unfortunately had to add in young adults there because I no longer come under as a teen…

The slogan tee seems to be everywhere, some shops and I won’t name them, will even stick a pizza slice on their shirts and call this fashionable. Not going to lie, I love food, like the next person but I don’t need to wear it on my chest. Some things just need to remain as physical and edible items not t-shirt features. So leave your; tacos, pizza slices and ice cream cones at the high street eating places. Cheers all the same hun. 

I love slogan t-shirts because they are such statement pieces. I love how with just asking u k hun on a t-shirt you are making a statement. I’d say more than 1 person read the word ‘hun’ on this shirt. For two reasons I think. The first: because it’s human nature to read off a person’s shirt and the second, was that I always jokingly say, U K hun. As a joke, I should add. I love this t-shirt. When deciding whether or not I should buy it in Topshop, I was thinking is it just a novelty purchase? Or is something I can re-wear. I think I can re-wear this. It’s definitely a t-shirt to wear with my beloved Mom jeans because it just compliments that ‘indie, hipster 90’s vibe’. I’m not usually a huge fan of t-shirts I’d much prefer to wear a blouse if I was honest because they sum me up rather well. A cute blouse to me, says; ‘fun, flirty and playful’. Two of those, I can confirm I am. Yet, I’ve taken photos for this blog shoot wearing a t-shirt, am I going insane? No, I’m trying to really establish my 90s hipster vibe. 

I think I always steer clear from wearing t-shirts because I always find make up and hair tricky since it’s so casual you don’t want to juxtapose the casual vibes of the tee. Wearing a t-shirt with hun I felt like, it would be ok. I decided to go out with wet hair. The controversy. I suppose after listening to the Japandroids song ‘Wet Hair’ I felt like I could go out with wet hair and be ok. I haven’t caught a cold either yet, thankfully.  I then put a pair of hoop earrings in to really enhance the 90s hipster look. I kept my make up simple, wearing just a BB cream from Garnier and some matte translucent powder to just control any oily patches since it’s rather humid in Britain at the moment. I’d rather not look like I’ve dipped my face in a chip pan. I then used the trusted Essence, False Lash Effect Mascara on the eyes for some definition. This was it, I forgot tot contour too, the shock horror. I did, of course, go to the trusted red lipstick. I went to Revlon and their Matte Colour Balm crayons; my favourite lipstick from Revlon. I used the colour striking. A lovely cherry matte red, perfect for the Summer with it’s tone. 

Have you found yourself a slogan t-shirt? And most importantly 


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