Can you get a comfy jean?

Since being off poorly with the B12 deficiency I’ve realised I rely on social media both for communication and entertainment. Facebook is the holder of memes, Instagram the place you can stalk that guy’s ex and the upcoming fashion bloggers; Twitter, well blog promotion and news but it’s been my savour for entertainment the last few days. Whilst, scrolling through Facebook I saw a meme or tweet someone had written and then a person with more time on their hands had made it into a meme and it was something along the lines of; ‘only a mad person wears jeans in their own home or has comfy jeans’. It’s a topic that won’t be gracing the G8 summit anytime soon but has graced my office chat and now social media, so now I bring it here, it also enabled me to be photographed whilst in patient comfort, the sofa.

Jeans, are an essential of any person’s wardrobe: they are the fundamental part of any wardrobe. Some people cannot wear correct footwear with the denim and you know who you are too..but they make for the most part of our outfits. But can they be a home look? Well, I have always been a fan of looking chic both in and out of my home, I should add that I don’t wear a neck scarf and midi-skirt in the house, it’s not that chic. It’s chic enough, that if I walk along the beach with the canines in my life and see a mighty fine runner or walker I’ll be in decent attire. Jeans can be the sin of comfort. For example, my staple skinny jean. The Joni Jean. The holy grail, for girls all over the country for two reasons: 1) the high waisted affair means nobody sees your bum crack and secondly they fit like a glove, and they stay skinny. I say this, because most skinny jeans you buy will eventually do the crutch and knee sag where you walk around with the knee part of your jean half way down your leg. These jeans are great, however for comfort they can be slightly uncomfortable since they remain skinny for the duration of the day and night. Like wearing spanx on a night out but all day. One suggestion, if you go on a date and find yourself being led back to a crib: wear these jeans because the getting out of a Joni Jean isn’t a magical sight so may get you out of seeing their joni, if you know what I mean….

I say all of this, but is there such a thing as a comfortable jean? If you really fancy a proper slob out on the sofa watching Channing Tatum with a tub of ice cream do you a) put jeans on or b) put the comfort wear on that resembles nightwear but offers a little more dignity if the doorbell goes? You would answer b, I know, because I would too. However, I think that whilst I’ve been in recovery mode and will continue to be in recovery mode for a little while, I’ve found a jean that is comfortable that I’m slouching in them now. I’ve realised that I don’t want to feel like a patient so getting dressed in clothes is helping mentally, recover.

I’ve always been a huge fan of Next denim because it’s of a high quality and the price you pay isn’t over the odds; the fit is also a winner if you ask me. I find that with Next they cater for the petite, tall and the regular which is something very few retailers do. So, this is why I think their denim is always so great because they fit to a genuine size. I purchased these jeans a while back and found myself hating them- so put them in my ‘don’t wear it, chuck it in the bag’ and I did this but then I became in need of a pair of jeans that I could slouch about in. I found these in the bag and felt these could prove my point about there being such a thing as a ‘comfy jean’. These jeans, are the Next Relaxed Denim which is their version of a boyfriend jean; although the denim isn’t high waisted they make for a great Sunday casual denim because you aren’t trusted up: let the love handles hang over the waist band and just slouch out watching a re-run of Top Gear. And yes, the images in this post was what I was doing…I’m poorly, re-runs of Richard Hammond make me happy and brighten my spirits to a certain degree.



Now how do you feel about the casual denim? Would you wear a denim for chilling out in?


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