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It’s as though, every post I write these days starts with ‘at this time of year’ which is why I started this post with an almost apology for the repetitive introductions.
Nevertheless, the point is, there comes a lot of things at this time of year that we either: change, adapt or bring in, as a result of the warmer climates. We bring out the fans, we bring out the summer sheets and of course the nasty flip flop slippers. All these things are indicator’s the climate has warmed up and we’re all sweating one out and going in our birthday suits to bed. The one thing I bring in each year is a different make up routine.



Make up should be something we change because during the winter we all go slightly over the top because the coldness usually makes our skin, dry and crusty. Two things nobody needs in their life.
I tend to wear foundation and eye liner when it’s warmer purely because it’s much cooler and doesn’t slide off your face. A bonus if you ask me!! I also wear a lot of berry toned red lipsticks. At this time of year, however, I adapt or change my make up routine. This is because I feel there is nothing worse than seeing a woman walking around with her make up sliding off her face, it’s slightly distressing if you ask me. Now I don’t really change my routine that much because during the winter months the foundation I opt for, is a light formula that gives a much more delicate finish than other alternatives. My foundation of choice tends to be the Benefit Flawless H20 in Ivory. I’ve worn this foundation for years and have always returned to it because it’s so light; it never feels like foundation. It is also a nice transition from a BB cream to a foundation, especially, if like me, you’re not keen on heavy formulations. This foundation tends to be my choice for evenings during the Summer because for evening galavanting you want your make up to stand in place for the duration.
But let us look at my current staple look.


During Autumn, Winter, Spring and the Summer I always prime my skin prior to applying any make up. Priming your skin before make up is critical if you are keen for long lasting coverage and most of us, forget it, unless we’re reminded or it comes as a step with a foundation we’re buying. I love priming because it just makes my face feel prepared for the products I will be using. I have mentioned this primer so many times but I love it and use it all year round and this is the Revlon Photo-Ready Primer. It’s usually a product I will always go out of my way to re-purchase because it’s so worth the money. Application of the base products is always a much smoother and seamless process when I have primed.The greatest thing, however, is the fact that it stays in place for the duration of the day or evening. Back of that net!


I had been desperate for a new addition to my collection and was intrigued by the beauty side of things at the Liz Earle counter. I always knew Liz Earle had produced beauty products but had always been more interested in the enormity of great skincare products. A big shout out to Mina Smith at the Liz Earle counter in Bluewater because this purchase would not have been made without her assistance. Her knowledge of the brand is fabulous as is her passion. To be helped a sales advisor who knows their product and brand is a breath of fresh air. I am in fact forever buying this product as a result of her great help. The product is, the Liz Earle Skin Tint. Retailed at £24.50 this is a much cheaper alternative than a luxury foundation but unlike the luxury foundations has a much nicer formulation. According to the trusted sales advisor the product has had a little make over. The product since it’s make over now claims it has


‘added skincare benefits such as; visibly smoother and brighter skin tones. This creamy, yet light wight and silicone free formula reduces the appearance of fine lines and imperfections to leave skin looking flawless, radiant and dewy’. 


The brand’s promises’, I can confirm are absolutely correct. I believe this is the perfect addition to my make up. I use this now, I think more, than a foundation because it’s such a beautiful formulation. In the early days of wearing make up I would always wear a tinted moisturiser but always found that by the end of the day; it wouldn’t be apparent I had even applied make up because I looked terrible but with this product I feel just as confident as I do in the mornings. Although some people may stop here I do always apply a lighter reflecting concealer under my eyes because I want to look brighter and more refreshed. This tends to be the Revlon ColourStay concealer in ‘Fair’ this is a great concealer for under the eyes and has great tendencies to remain in place for the duration of the day. I think a lighter concealer under the eyes is a great feature for the summer because it gives a fresh light and bright appearance to the skin.
I then contour the hell outta those cheekbones using either Benefit’s Hoola Bronzer which is a staple for any contouring buff. The matte consistency is perfect for defining those hiding cheek bones. I use this and then highlight with a pinky under toned highlighter from Lottie London. Lottie are a fab brand if you’re after highly pigmented highlighters that are affordable. These are genius and last for ages on the skin. The cheeks are so highlighted NASA would think you’re a star in the sky with the shimmer.

Lashes are a staple part of any make up routine, regardless of season. For this time of year, I curl my lashes and then apply the Revlon Lash Defining mascara (the purple lid one) and use this lots of times to define the lashes. I would also recommend a nude eye liner in the bottom lash line to make your eyes look brighter. I then use a brown eye liner pencil in the top lash line which makes the top set of lashes look fuller.


For my lips, I have been opting for a nude and my favourite at the moment has to be Charlotte Tillbury’s Pillow Talk which is a fab nude shade for this time of year. I love the matte consistency of the shade too. I should add, that I am still wearing red lipstick because I would not dismiss any red lipstick; my favourite red for this time of year has to be either Mac’s Lady Danger or Tanya Burr’s Wild Safari; two very similar lipsticks in terms of their shades but both differ in consistencies. One is a matte and a higher end lipstick whilst the other offers a much creamier finish at a lower and much more affordable price. Yet both are great orange toned reds for this time of year.


How do you get your make up bag ready for Summer?


Products MentionedRevlon Photo Ready PrimerLiz Earle: Tinted Moisturiser (Beige)Revlon Definition MascaraRevlon Colour Stay ConcealerCharlotte Tilbury: Matte Revolution: Pillow Talk

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