Mad Men Inspired Office Wear

If you’re a regular reader or member of the cornerstone squad then you would already know that I have recently started a new job. A job that involves dressing for the office and being smart on a daily basis. I personally love dressing up smartly- I think it’s such an empowering feeling. I have taken my fashion for the office inspiration from the 1950s. As you, all know, I love vintage; prints, textures, styles probably because when you crawl through fashion archives there is a real emphasis on women’s curves rather than being stick thin size 0 girls. Women had celebrity figures like Maryiln Monroe who even today is the epitome of curves and sophistication and with her sass and charisma it’s no wonder why so many women were content with their curvier figures. Slowly, but surely this body confidence and confidence with curves is coming back into the modern chat. 

I think when it comes to office dress, we should all look presentable. I think when you enter the work place your wardrobe should be speaking sophistication, class and business. You’re ready to conquer anything. I have taken most of my inspiration for the office from the 1950’s business wear section on Pintrest or the series Mad Men. I adore, the high waisted midi-skirts, tailored blouses with an addition of a neckerchief which at the moment is my go to look in the office. A neckerchief is just such a quirky addition to any look whether its business or not. 

I think with fashion, it is very easy to just sink down into basics; a suit or trousers and a shirt simply due to the fact you might be scared of standing out in front of your peers. My belief, is, is that in the office you want to make a good impression. An impression that will last and one thing anyone will always remember is, what you wear. You might think people forget what you wear, but I have formed relationships with people just based on what they have worn alone. Women and sometimes, men will compliment an outfit and you get talking and there you have built an initial friendship. I love standing out whether that be in the office or simply outside of the workplace. Never be afraid of sticking out in front of your peers. 

I have to be honest; in the first few weeks of my new job I was hesitant about wearing heels because I didn’t want to stand out. I’m the youngest one in my team and on my floor which means I didn’t want to look too over dressed, mature or just ridiculous but now I’ve been there 3 months I feel slightly more content and am happy to wear these quirky heels. 

My go to look at the moment begins at Next. Next, for girls my age is often seen as the epitome of middle aged Mum’s but it shouldn’t be. Next at the moment have some classic pieces that can be worn for any age group. The pieces are also designed to suit any body shape regardless of height; I, for example am petite which means buying certain cuts of dress can be difficult which is why I love buying clothes from retailers who have these departments. I love this skirt from Next, the midi length is totally in right now and it really works well at blending itself with the 1950’s retro theme of my work capsule wardrobe. The tight fitted waist is also very flattering which oozes sophistication. 

We then have a blouse. Blouses for the office, should always be tailored and fitted. Always try to go for a blouse with a good structure to it. I love an over sized blouse but for the office it’s not a go to, or it can be on dress down days but not Monday-Thursday. H/M are a real good shout for this, especially if you want good blouses; their blouses/shirts fit really well and look great with other pieces requiring a bit of tailoring to them. Their sizing can often be a down fall but if you go back to basics, their tailoring at a high street price is brilliant. 

The neckerchief is slowly becoming a staple accessory in my work and personal wardrobe. Although sometimes I feel like a cabin crew member for British Airways or Emirates, I love it. I feel that it gives a basic outfit so much character. This particular scarf is from New Look and is great for adding that playful 50s character to the look. New Look have some fab scarves at the moment that can be worn as; neckerchiefs, head scarves or chokers and this is a perfect example. 

How do you dress for the office? 

Skirt: Next (Petite)

Blouse: H/M

Shoes: F/F Clothing

Neck-tie: New Look

Bag: Ralph Lauren

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