Natural Haircare

*Let us rejoice at the fact, I had photos from a shoot prior to my health issues*

My hair, since my early teens has been a major complex for me; whether it’s on my head, face or body it’s just something I’ve never embraced or been a fan of. I was, also bullied an awful lot at school for being hairy. With this in mind, it is/was no wonder, why, when I’ve ever been anxious I’ve resorted to playing or pulling my hair. As a result of pulling my hair out of anxiety I’ve often had dry and very damaged hair or fine should I say. With this, I’ve always relied on hair masks from the high street to help deal with such problems. These hair masks are great for the first few attempts at styling your hair, post the treatment, your hair feels and looks shiny and healthy. However, after talking with my hairdresser a few months back, she said they don’t always treat the hairs’ particles inside the follicle. I know, I never knew this either. As you can see, I am always at the heart of small talk. 

So, I’ve been on the hunt for a hair mask for months that would do some magic to my hair and potentially help it look and feel healthy. Now, you must know by now that I love natural products. I felt that I should look in the natural world before spending fortunes on the masks the big hair dogs recommend. I went to the daddy of natural oils. Coconut Oil. We use it, on just about anything: our make-up removal, our food and now our hair. I saw online how the oil can be used for treating split ends and also making the hair feel silky and smooth. I can confirm, it does do this. BONUS.

Now this is great, if you have a good few hours or a late morning start to sort this because coconut oil works on the hair if it is on the hair a long time. Allowing it to go into the roots of the hair. So, I needed a quicker one. You might remember, that back in June/July time I went to the Beauty at Brunch, Brunch held in London. At this event, the ladies had the brand Chirpbody in their goodie bag. This is a brand who produce 100% natural hair masks. So no, nasty chemicals lurking at the bottom of the package. I used this a lot during the Summer months because my hair was so dry from the heat we had for a week here in England as well as me using heat on my hair. So, my hair was taking a battering which is why this product was perfect. You simply, put the treatment on the hair prior to washing it. Leave the treatment on for 25 minutes, I often would also put a face mask on so my entire top half was having a mini pamper session. I could also reply to emails and Instagram stalk whilst the mask was working its magic. You then just wash it off with your normal shampoo and conditioner.

I felt that in this shoot, especially, that my hair looked it’s healthiest despite curling it. I find, that post curling your hair your hair feels weaker and often is brittle from the heat usage. However, after using this product the curls look healthy and my hair doesn’t look damaged after the curls have dropped.

My hair and I feel CHIRPY since my hair looks healthy and nourished all through naturally based products.



T-Shirt: Boohoo

Jeans: Topshop Petite MOM

Earrings: New Look

Trainers: Converse 






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