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Last year I wrote about the products I was preaching to you all, as the holy grail products of my make-up bag. The products I reached out for and the products I would always recommend to a friend if they asked for an opinion. Most of these I can confirm are still at the top of the rankings of my make-up bag, if that is such a thing. However, today I bring you a few of the new additions to the holy grail beauty products.

My first mention. The Urban Decay: Naked Matte Basics. When this was announced at the end of last year, I was delighted since I love Urban Decay eye shadows and I love anything matte. In my opinion, there is nothing classier than a matte lipstick or matte eyeshadow. It was a palette I bought at the start of this year and has been a firm favourite in the make-up bag of Ev. It’s range of colours make for great crease colours as well as solo shades where you can have one shade and just this blend this to death. I also found their colour ‘extra bitter’ the perfect shade for contouring those hidden cheek bones. I use this on a Real Technique’s contour brush and adore the matte contour it gives on a clean base. This is a palette you must add on your wish list to complete your collection; also should I buy the Urban Decay heat palette? It looks the daddy of warm shades…

Next. Eyeliner. Eyeliner is Satan of make up or eye make-up in particular. You can either wing it to perfection every time or you can’t get equal lines or you’re just really annoying and slay at eyeliner. If you can wing your lines evenly then I secretly hate you, (no offence). For years, I’ve looked for the perfect liner that even lines or wings a simple thing; as simple as lining those lips. I tried various liners that claimed to make precision perfect, I can confirm that their claims are incorrect for make-up morons like myself, or heavy handed make up people like myself. BUT. Revlon created and bought out the Colourstay liquid eyeliner pen. A pen that is so fine that it makes eyeliner a piece of **** I love doing eyeliner with this pen and it also stays on for the whole day which is often unlike some of my eyeliners because they smudge or fade half way through the day. This is the perfect eyeliner if, like me, you struggle with the precision.

Benefit Mascaras have always been good. When Benefit release a new mascara, you know it’ll be good. My last post raved on about the drugstore dupe mascara: the Essence false lash effect. But sometimes, just sometimes, you gotta have the high end one. The Benefit They’re Real is a mascara that adds volume and definition as well as causing you to never need to wear false lashes. I love adding lashes on for an evening look, I feel that adding a pair of lashes just adds something to a make up look. But on the days when the lashes don’t want to stick this is perfect. The definition and volume this mascara gives also lasts, so you have curly lashes for the day. Back of the net!

I’m not usually one for powder because I find the after effect to make the face look too dry. I like my face to look fresh and awake regardless of it approaching Autumn. But recently, I’ve been keen for my make up to stay on for the day since it goes on my face so early on in the day. I’ve returned to Natural Collection. A brand that kick started my love affair with the beauty industry. It was accessible and affordable, two must great things. The brand, often goes forgotten in the industry but should be recognised for it’s great range of products at such a great price. I also love how the products make for a wonderful ‘My first make-up kit’. I love bronzer and I love their powder just as much. It’s light weight but great for setting the base product, meaning, I stay in place around those areas everyone needs extra coverage for a little longer. At £1.99 it’s a great addition to any make up bag whether it sits in your handbag for quick touch ups.

Nails: I’ve never spoken about nail varnish because I just have never felt the need to mention my go to nail polishes. However, in the last few weeks, I’ve fallen in love with the Essie top coat. Essie is one of my favourite brands for nail varnishes. Not only are their shades great because of the diversity but the lasting power is top quality. Applying the nail varnish lasts. For me, I love painting my nails and wearing nail varnish but I despise painting my nails for then in a day or even in an hour for them to start chipping. The top coat, has taken this nail varnish from a 8/10 to 10+. I can paint my nails on Sunday and they are still looking as good on the Friday or the following Sunday which is quite unbelievable but it is true. It’s also a saving since I don’t need to go to a professional to get a shellac. In the words of Alan Partridge, BACK OF THE NET!

Lips. My FAVOURITE. When it comes to my favourite lip products they do seem to be both high end, so apologies. The Urban Decay red lipstick comes from their Alice In Wonderland range and has to be a trusted red. I love red lipstick, it’s a signature look and I’m pretty good at knowing and finding goodens for the colour. This shade was bought for me, by my best friend and she picked a great one because like every red lipstick in my collection, is matte and is fabulous. Annoyingly this collection was limited, however I have linked it’s permanent sister that is still available. I honestly, don’t know what you would do without me?  I then turn to a nude shade. Nudes are a favourite but since I love red so much, very rarely turn to a nude lipstick. However, for my graduation I needed a nude lipstick that was matte and special. I purchased the Charlotte Tilbury lipstick in the shade ‘Pillow Talk’ which is just effortless. It’s matte but unlike other high end matte’s is comfortable and doesn’t make your lips feel like Ghandi’s flip flop. I love this shade. If I wear any form of nude, I want it to be nude or have an brown undertone since I find this shade to more flattering then a nude that has pinky undertones.

So these are my current beauty must haves.

What are yours?




This is not a sponsored post; all views are my own and and all products were purchased with my own pounds.

Ev xo

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