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I’ve always felt that honesty is the best policy for all things blogging. I feel that hiding behind a screen whether you’re blogging or not is something to be embarrassed about. I felt that I wanted to put fashion aside and share something personal and currently having an effect on the cornerstone. (A metaphor for my life perhaps).

In the last year, I’ve discussed with anyone who has asked or been slightly interested, the topic of gluten and why I have to eat it in very small quantities. This is because when I go OTT with the gluten I feel; bloated, exhausted, spaced out and usually sick as a result of eating anything beige. When I was told by a GP to avoid gluten in high quantities, I was also told that I was low in a vitamin called B12. I was unaware of the vitamin and what it does for the body until research and being told by the medicine man. So what is it? (btw, this isn’t a medical post). Vitamin B12 is a nutrient which keeps our body’s nerve and blood cells healthy which helps our DNA and genetic materials in our cells. It also helps to prevent a type of anaemia which causes people like myself to become tired and weak. The vitamin is usually absorbed through food. At the time, I was prescribed extra vitamins to provide my body with the vitamin it was desperately seeking. I went on these supplements for 3 months and during those three months noticed a difference, I was more with it less spaced out and wouldn’t become so tired as easy. I was also cutting out gluten which was making a huge difference. So why am I boring you with my medical records?

Well, fast forward 1 year. In the last year, things have drastically changed. I’ve gone from confident student with impending deadlines and socialising to; confident London city worker within a year. I noticed in the second month into my new life that I was tired all the time, I’d have no energy feeling very sluggish, sometimes struggling to stay awake at my desk without a sugar boost every hour. I was blaming 6am starts. I accept, I am a very busy lady. I go to work and 3-4 times a week will go to the gym and go to those classes both to keep fit and to keep my mind healthy so I went a week without the gym but still got these feelings. This was a relief because it proved that I wasn’t just over working myself. The next symptom has come in the form of swelling and pain. I’m a very fast walker, my colleagues and friends always pick up on me being small but fast. I speed walk everywhere. I have managed to condense a 20-minute walk to a 12 minute walk by power walking but noticed in the last month that my feet were becoming swollen and numb; my feet are numb and swollen as I arrive into the City and it becomes painful walking to the office. I changed shoes, I changed routes and I walked slower but the 2.5 feet still puff up.

To check things out I returned back to the doctors with all the above; tingling lower body, tiredness and spaced out vibes to be told I’m deficient in B12 which has caused me to become anaemic. The lack of b12 in my system is peculiar since I eat such a healthy diet which contains so much B12 in it. I’ve been referred and will update those who are interested once I have spoken to a person with more knowledge than myself. I’ve also been put on a treatment which involves 2 high dosage injections a week which essentially injects the missing vitamin back into my blood stream. I’ve had 2 so far and can say they’ve made me feel worse. I’ve not been able to go to the gym, I’ve been emotional and I’m constantly tingling in my lower half. I now have trouble walking up and down stairs with my knees clicking and feeling as though there is an obese person sat on them the amount of pressure. I’ve noticed that in the last month and in this month particularly that it affected me mentally; becoming emotional, I forget things so easily I’ll be in the middle of a conversation and forget what I’ve been saying and this is when I know it’s an issue because it effects my work both at work and at home. I’m also now starting to worry that the lack of exercise I can do, will cause me to become a lard arse. Driving, is also a pain, I can drive for 20 minutes and be ok but drives longer than 40 minutes, my ankles start causing me pain and the tingling being too unbearable. I wake up in the mornings in bed, feeling slightly perkier but the minute I put pressure on, I can barely move or stand. I’ve been told by my doctors that I need to take it easy, which means I can’t work go into London for the time being because of the added pressures of walking and commuting life. Not sure, what’s worse, the absence of gym and London working life or the tingling.

I’m not after pity but just wanted to let my readers and people who follow my life on their phones about my situation. I am, however, asking for company from friends who are not in work or are finding themselves at a loose end. Come and keep a patient company, only bonus is, that I will going make up free until I visit a consultant.

Ev has lost her mojo and isn’t the real Olivia Pope she wants to be and so at the moment and is not K hun.

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