The AW 17/18 Coat

The bright mornings, the lighter evenings and thigh chaffing is coming to an end which means Autumn/Winter is on it’s way. Now, I can’t lie, I love the Autumnal months because I do like boots and jeans weather but the one pain up my ringer ding is the impending purchase of a winter coat. Oh and the dark mornings and evenings.. A coat that will keep us warm and be wearable both for weekend and weekday wear as well as being effortlessly chic and stylish. Sounds easy huh? Actually the most frustrating and annoying decision..Ever find, you can have the warmest coat but it makes you look like a football coach? YUP!

For me, being a short arse, I find buying coats something of a ball ache because some styles of coats make me look even shorter and the style just does nothing to compliment my figure. I think buying the annual coat is, as, frustrating as buying the bikini in the Summer that will make any guy who messed with you regret it, when he scrolls through his social media to see you, stood in a sassy bikini with your babylons looking perky..(Goodbye Summer). Coats are tricky but this year I’ve gone down the trend route. I’m bringing my love of check into my coats look. 

For years, I’ve opted for the parka for winter coat dressing; without fail I’ve turned to the parka since it’s warm and looks great wearing a pair of trainers and jeans. So, great, for whilst I was at Uni because I lived in jeans or sports leggings but now I’m a working gal (or was, until nerve damage struck) I feel that my coat has to look smart for that as well as the weekend. I’ve always been a fan of a check pattern clothing item. I love check, it’s a timeless pattern that will not date; depending on the check it can be both casual or formal which is always fabulous. However, now everyone both high end and low end has cottoned on to my obsession with checkered printed clothing; I knew I was onto something when nearly everything in my wardrobe was check. 

I found this checkered coat on Next in their petite section which was great. I always speak of petite dressing because I have to dress in this section since I was born a short arse, thanks parents! If only it was cheaper in that section. But, I also speak a lot about this section because it fits to size, never making you look ridiculous. Coats, have to be bought with your height in mind to avoid being too long, big or baggy. Next, are great when it comes to making their regular clothing items available for the petite women of England. So, when I saw that this coat could be tailored to the petite height and shape I was relived.

I love the length of this coat because it comes to a really good length on the leg which means it will not look ridiculous with heeled boots. Always take into consideration the length of your coat/jacket with shoes, heeled shoes will add on a couple of inches (OBVIOUS). When I did try this jacket on, my family did say I looked like Sherlock Holmes but as they know, when it comes to social media, I do not miss anything and will find out everything, one way or another (resists the urge to sing Blondie). Despite, its fitted structure/design, I do feel that with a pair of new balance 373 trainers or converse low tops this won’t look ridiculous which is brilliant.

Think Colour

That tip was rather vague, I know, but when buying your check print make sure the colours that are within the check are easy to match with your wardrobe palette. I’d go for black, navy, beige, brown or tan because these will make pairing much easier and will also give you a much more polished and put together look.


Now this is for coats, coats are expensive unless you’re lucky to find a coat from the children’s department of a clothing establishment. Now, although, I am short and can get into the children’s section I wasn’t really feeling their selection this year. But, I would suggest making an investment with your coat, there will be nothing worse than; buying cheap and the fur from your hood falling apart, the buttons falling off or the colour fading in the wash, these are results of poor quality fabrics and skills so go for a slightly more expensive coat to get more wears and last from it.


I sound like an NHS or driving smart advert but think about your coat. Don’t just rush into the first one you see or even the one all your mates are buying from ASOS or Misguided. I would advise thinking about it, your coat will need to last you from now until potentially mid March time so think. Don’t rush buy because you need a coat or want to look like your ex boyfriends new girlfriend…anyway why would you because chances are they are a downgrade to you anyway? Think about what you want from a coat: warmth and style should be the first thoughts.

Im Wearing
Coat: Next
Jeans: Topshop/ Joni
Blouse: Zara
Loafers: ASOS

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  • Next petite do it for me too Evan ☺️ X us short arses have to shop petite to avoid looking swamped, especially with coats 👍Loving your Sherlock Jolmes look 😄