Blending on a Budget

The beauty industry is worth millions or billions if we want to talk globally so it’s no wonder why brands charge so much for our: highlight to be gleaming, our liner to be spot on and our cheekbones to be contoured precisely. I, like thousands of girls give into the hypes with designer products and often find myself drawn to an expensive palette because of the brand and it’s reviews by bloggers and influencers on the WWW. (World Wide Web) But is there such a thing as beauty on a budget? And by this, I mean being able to get the same look with lower end products.

At the start of September, I was approached by make up brand Technic; who are a budget friendly make up brand whose message is clear; innovative beauty products at affordable prices. They asked me whether I’d be interested in discussing this concept of blending on a budget. Now, for this I wanted to show case affordable eyeshadows from Technic and I wanted to prove to my high end beauty lovers that there is affordable but high quality products out there waiting to be tested and tried. To show you all, how great these shadows are, I decided to do my standard make up look which essentially is a range of brown eyeshadows mixed together, where I just hope for the best and then add a red lip. Simples.

Now, I’m a little peculiar when doing my make up since I always do it the wrong way according to my Sister. For me, I always do my eye make up first because I hate that if I make a mistake I have to take the whole thing off and the outcome often involves my base coming off with it. So, eye make up first. I begin by priming and curling my lashes. Two steps which most of us forget and two steps I abide by to ensure my make up stays on for that little bit long. I prime, using the Essence 2 in 1 Eye primer which is a cream product so easy to blend and sits on the skin for ages. As a result it’s no wonder why my eye make up lasts that extra bit longer. I curl my lashes with standard eyelash curlers nothing fancy just ones, I picked up from Superdrug at some point. I then use the Technic eyeshadow palette and this one is the Toffee Edition. This is my favourite of the palettes I received from the brand since it has some great neutral shades as well as brown tones that work effortlessly at creating a classy look that is suitable for day and night. I use #12 first which I use as a shadow to set the primer in place and use this as a base to all the additional shades. Next, comes the #02, a lovely light brown that is wonderful for going over the whole lid to begin this classic brown smokey eye look. Then, comes #11 which is a shade very similar to the one you would use for contour but slightly darker than the taupe shade typically used to define those invisible cheek bones. I use this for a crease colour which contours the crease and really defines the socket. I then take the shade #7 the dark chocolate shade that every palette should have because Ev loves a shadow resembling her favourite treat. This shade, I apply in in the outer corners to bring into the lid to bring in that smokey look I always aim to go for.  This shade is also great for using on a smaller detailing brush underneath the bottom lash line. I think, a shadow underneath the lash line when you’ve used shadow is important since it looks much more in sync. It also compliments the goings on, on your lid. To brighten the inner corners up slightly and show the detailing of the wonderful blending, I’ve also used the Technic Colour Baked Eyeshadows which is an 8 shade palette containing 8 highlighting shades, perfect for, bold shiny make up or simply adding these shades into the inner corners. I take the lightest shade and apply this into the inner corner. These shades are wonderful and, I’ll say it now, my views are not influenced because this is in collaboration with Technic but I absolutely loved this palette. The variety of shades, is just perfect for the day-night classic look and the shadows blend perfectly with no issues. Sometimes, the affordable shadows become; incredibly hard to blend, aren’t pigmented or don’t last on the lid for a long period of time meaning you feel disheartened. However, I can assure all doubters out that, this palette is one you need to TREAT YO-SELF to or add to your wish list since you’ll get plenty of uses from it. I was also surprised with how lovely the brush that came with the palette was; meaning this blending was as easy as ABC. Unlike, Shania Twain not being impressed with much, Ev is rather impressed with this cracking palette.

In addition to, using the effortlessly chic and easy to use shadows from Technic I also have taken the Revlon Photo Ready Primer and Colourstay Foundation and Concealer: the holy grail of base high street make up. The primer, works well at preparing the skin for foundation meaning my foundation lasts that extra bit longer just like the shadows with their primer. What more could a girl on a budget want? I then, go in with the Natural Collection Pressed Powder to set the base into place focusing specifically under the eyes since, I’m incredibly tired all the time at the moment and want to look visibly more awake. For contour, I take the eyeshadow palette again and use #14 to contour with which is a great contouring shade since it’s a matte shade and works great for adding definition without that shimmer or glitter some bronzing shades give off.  I then highlight with the Lottie London Highlighting Squad, a squad that every highlighter fan needs. I take, the shade TroubleMaker and apply this on top of the newly created cheekbones just for that classic shimmer.

For mascara, I take the newly released Tanya Burr Selfie Mascara. A mascara which I was quite sceptical about since I was unsure how a celebrity brand would be able to create a mascara that would deliver. However, Ev has been proven wrong just like you lot for thinking you can’t blend on a budget. This mascara, is perfect: for separating the lashes giving that volume and defining the lashes. WINNER.

To complete my signature look, I go for the Essence Ready for Red lip liner and then apply the Revlon Matte Colour Balm crayons in the shade ‘Striking‘ a lovely bright red that sticks in place.

This completes my signature look as well as experimenting with affordable eye shadows. Now, I have been truly amazed with the quality of this palette in particular. As well as the two, other ones, I received; the raspberry edition and the baked highlighting shadows these two are great (if you want them featured let me know). I love their pigmentation, their long lasting finish and the affordability. I, like many other girls my age all fall for buying high end products because we think they’ll be so much more superior and yes sometimes they can be, but it’s a case of experimenting. Experimenting and being open to affordable brands has brought me to this brand and I can’t wait to see their other palettes and products available.


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