Double Denim

When Justin Timberlake and Britney Spears graced us with their presence back in the late 90s, early noughties wearing double denim; the world of fashion and worlds’ public were horrified by these fashion choices. However like every bad fashion choice or just fashion choice in fact, they have always come back round in the world of fashion. 

This months’ fashion posts seem to be dominated with denim but as I mentioned last week it’s staple texture in everyone’s wardrobes so must have a big part to play in our wardrobes. We could think of denim as like the Madonna of someone’s iPod, whether you want to admit it, everyone has one track of Madonna on their shuffle; they might skip it but it’s there, like denim. I’ve always been a fan of a denim shirt whether faux denim or real denim I think it’s quite an edgy look and can make an outfit rather casual as well as giving you an additional layer if you wear it open with a t-shirt.

I find that if you’re going to wear the double denim trend you’re best wearing it with an t-shirt and having the shirt open because this will reduce you looking like you’re wearing a denim suit. For my take on double denim; I’ve gone for this basic black denim shirt from ASOS. I was always an ASOS cynic until now, always finding it a little too expensive or never having my style of clothes but since having so much time on my hands with this poorly business I’ve found time to use the filters and find key pieces for my wardrobe. This shirt will be 100% be becoming a staple in my wardrobe for the Autumn whether worn openly like today or worn done up.

Next the jeans, most eagle eyed girls will recognise these jeans and yes you guessed correctly they are the Joni jean from Topshop. A jean that is much loved in my friendship circle because of the great high waist and the fit but not so much for the price. The price, I find to be a little over priced for a pair of jeans that are the traditional denim and are a high street denim. However, as I mentioned last week, with denim it sometimes is a case of investing in pieces such as jeans because they are staple parts of your wardrobe and you will use them on a daily basis. These jeans have served me well, having bought them in my second year of University and I’ve now graduated; they are still wearing well; although the black is fading a little so I may need to bite the bullet and buy a new pair. For a casual look like today I opt for rolling the leg slightly up to show a little bit of ankle. 

For tops, its important to keep it basic. I’ve gone for this basic cropped white tee from Topshop. I don’t usually buy basic tee’s from Topshop since I find sometimes that their prices a little pricey for what you’re getting. However when I saw this tee I was shocked because the texture felt a little better and was a nice fit. I also felt that it would look nice paired with both; MOM and high waisted jeans.

Finally for trainers, we go for my trusted new balance 574 a pair of trainers that have the classic trainer look to them. Back in my teen days I swore by converse, however as I’ve got older I’ve turned to a classic trainer style such as these ones and they look perfect with this look.

Top tips for double denim

  • Wear different shades of denim together to avoid looking like you’re wearing a suit: so maybe wear a blue wash denim with a black jean and vice versa or if you’re wearing black jeans opt for a shirt that is slightly of a lighter shade of the jean.
  • Buy cheap: Unlike other pieces, denim is something you can buy of a cheaper value and this trend is all over the high street so if you want buy a faux denim or a denim shirt of slightly less value than you usually would.
  • Go casual: I wouldn’t choose to wear this look with heels or sandals because I think it would look peculiar. I personally believe that styles like this one are much more casual than others so need to be paired with the correct footwear; a pair of trainers or slip ons would be perfect; unless it’s a denim dress perhaps.

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