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At the end of last year I noticed on my social media that an acquaintance or now object or person from the past and pre-sassy days had unfollowed me despite being a firm follower. I know firm follower, who do I think I am? However, it got me questioning who I was? Had I got ugly? Had I got over-confident? Or was it a sign of closure? It inspired me to think about the meaning of an unfollowing or even an unfriending on social media. 

Every one of us will have a social media account and these require us to have ‘friends’ but some of these friends we’ve not spoken to in weeks, months or even years. Remember the day you got your first account? I remember reaching 13 and being desperate to get on Facebook like so many of my other friends who were sending me requests to join. Today, however, Instagram is the social media every under 13 year old wants. But every time we join these sites we are having to gain a following, gain a number of friends or likes to prove our worth and justification on the site. Facebook is a strange old bubble; I use to, back in the day, use Facebook religiously, posting regularly and having to write a status daily. I look back on these on the ‘on this day’ apps on Facebook and question who I was. Writing I <3 Richard Hammond which is true now, but I think I wrote about it so much  but I think it was the thing to write something everyday to remind your so called friends of your presence.  Yet I notice now that Facebook for me is a case of using it to showcase good news, content from this platform or share photo’s of me when I’m going out or needing to up my profile pic.

Despite my lack of obsession with Facebook, I do get quite offended when I see ‘friends’ unfriend me; why though? I have people on the network that I knew from school, University, previous jobs, family members and family friends but some of these ‘friends’ I barely say hello to in the street but on social media we’re classed as friends.

But why at this time in my life am I so offended by an unfollow or an unfriend? I think, I’ve realised that when a subject, yes subject unfollows or unfriends they are implying that they’re closing their friendship/relationship with the person. Is it me or do you find the unfriending more offensive than an unfollow? An unfollow just means they’re sick of you poking up in the algorithm on Instagram, or thats what I thought? Whilst Facebook is like the are we even friends moment? Harsh, ‘very harsh’. If I bump into these individuals am I suppose to be like hey u k hun? and treat it as normal but in my head I want to say was I boring you love?

As a result of spending a majority of my time browsing through social media because I’m sat in doctor’s surgeries, hospital waiting rooms or on sofa I’ve witnessed and noticed the actions of the so called ‘friends’ in my life. I’m pondering the memes, the bad candid shots and of course the TMI posts and have come to the conclusion that I should do the same. So, I sat down and went through who I was following on Instagram and thought, why am I interested in your life when you couldn’t give a monkeys left testicle about my life? So, yep you guessed it was an unfollow. I listened to a podcast that featured Anna Newton (Anna Edit) who has made it into my top three bloggers for her natural and friendly persona and she said that she had got to the age of 28 and realised that someone unfollowing her no longer bothered her. I’m trying to find this too, she’s very lucky that her blogging platform has developed to the point that if she lost a few followers it’s not going to impact her next commercial project but for me the loss of 2 followers would make that difference. I have to appreciate that some people will like me and my content whilst other people will not like the content but I shouldn’t care. I believe that if I’m happy with the content I produce that should be the thing that matters.


So, to the few who unfollowed, unfriended yours truly in the last 12 months, are your feeds that much better without my candid, quirky and amusing images, statuses and shares? Have a great day 😉

*Comes to the end of the blog post realising it was an open and published diary entry*

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