An Organii Pamper

The only perk of being at home off sick, is that when the postman has a delivery for me, I can see it before anyone in the family tries to guess what it is. Whilst lounged on my sofa watching Sex and the City, I heard the doorbell go and had a delivery from Organii Everyday Organics.

Organii Everyday Organics were a brand who approached me back in September and I was as excited as they were, about working together. The brand shares my love of everything natural in the bathroom; Organii seek to produce all things natural and organic. I love this belief because it means anything you use from the brand or any brand, in fact, who use a similar ethos , it means you aren’t putting/using any chemicals on your delicate areas. For our, collaboration, I had the opportunity to select two products from their range and I selected the Organii Shower Gel and the Hand Soap but wanted to showcase the shower gel in particular. It also gave me, an excuse to have a pamper. Pampering at this time of year is ideal: the weather is chillier; the evenings are darker, earlier and the heating is being put on so we’re now at the time of year when pampering is just what the doctor ordered. To me, the doctor has ordered a pamper.

Using a shower gel in the bath probably seems a little confusing, when you can use a soap, the name itself tell us that we should use this in a shower but for me, I love a shower gel for bath times. I personally, find shaving my legs with a shower gel to be much nicer experience than using the shaving gel. My legs usually feel much softer after a shower gel than they do with a shaving gel. This shower gel, I received from Organii, is the Aloe Vera and Bamboo shower gel which claims to keep skin hydrated and moisturised. I’m a huge fan of aloe Vera because it’s known for its calming and cooling properties; I believe that bathing or shower products containing Aloe Vera are perfect for using when you’re shaving any part of your body due to the cooling nature of the ingredient. This also means the chances of an irritation post shaving is highly unlikely. BONUS! With being natural, I also find that the chances of developing an allergic reaction to be rather low. I am one of many, who has sensitive skin which means certain brands I’ve had to cull due to their reactions; usually brands who develop their products using every chemical they can get their hands on. This on itself is a reason to invest in this but also; it’s smell. I find the organic, natural smells to be divine and really pure. As soon as, I opened the lid of the gel I knew the smell and this was without needing to see the label. I’m a fan of anything contained aloe vera but this is a wonderful smell; really pure and simple so not too overpowering for pampering, showering or bathing with.

Now, some bathing/shower products will leave your skin feeling as dry as Ghandi’s flip fop resulting in a heavy load of moisturising needing to happen but with these organic products; your skin feels super soft and clean. I did, say that I wouldn’t feature the hand soap in this post, because you don’t really pamper with hand soaps but after using this in the bathroom, my hands do feel squeaky clean as does my body after using the shower gel. At this time, of year it seems the norm to invest in shower gels and pampering products for other people and I believe these shower gels will make such a great stocking filler. As well as not, giving your friend, Nan or Sister an allergic reaction round her delicate or lady area these shower gels also look fab. I think their milk bottle look to them, make them perfect for displaying in your bathroom whether in your shower or on a bath side. Now let us think about how else to have a pamper at this time of year…

Face Mask

I’m a huge advocate of great skin care but I also love a face mask because I think it gives you that time to relax. Most face masks require you to leave them on for a period of time so chances are you’ll need a shower to make the time go quicker. My favourites are from L’Oréal at the moment; I love their clay masks at the moment because they really do detox, clarify and purify your skin when you combine them all together.

Switch On

Is probably a little strange me suggesting that you turn on a viewing device whilst you bath, but I love watching part of a film or TV series or listening to a podcast whilst bathing. I find it to be rather therapeutic and gives me that time to soak and really relax. I’ve returned to Amazon Prime in the build-up to the next season of The Grand Tour and have just watched Horrible Bosses over three days of bathing as well as recently watching Dynasty on Netflix; this show is so bad that it is good. It’s my new guilty pleasure and the remake that Netflix have crafted is simply perfect for shaving your legs to.

Allocate Time

Everyone deserves time to have a pamper but everyone should have a nice long pamper for it feel worth it. I always allow 30 minutes to have a proper bath; so time to do a face mask, shave, exfoliate as well as just lying there in my own filth to watch whatever I’m viewing on my tablet. If you rush your bath, chances are you’ll get out feeling the same and not that de-stressed. 

Bath Bomb

Whether you go into Lush or buy into the hype of bath salts, bombs and fizzers you cannot beat these items when having a pamper session. I am a firm believer, in that, buying into these gimmick products can make a bath that tad more exciting. I love, lying in the bath whilst the bath bomb fizzles around me because often it produces a wonderful aroma that makes the bathroom smell lovely and rubs off onto my skin through the process too. At this time of year, shops are selling sets containing these lotions and potions within them, so either treat YOSELF or your relative to a heavenly bath.

Hair Mask

I had to add this last one, if you are not in the position  to have a bath where you are. I know that if you’re at University chances of you having a bath is only when you go home. So, it’s a shower, so these sorts of pampers are difficult. My way of pampering when only the shower is available is, to treat my hair to a hair mask. I love Aussie’s 3-minute miracle conditioner which makes your hair smell and feel gorgeous after using it. I also would suggest, the Garnier Blends hair masks which come in a variety of smells but coming in a great tub, the conditioner usually lasts several months so you can treat your hair to a deep conditioner regularly. If you want to keep to a budget, I suggest coconut oil. I use this to remove make up as well as a treatment for my hair and being natural



This post has been made in collaboration with Organii: Everyday Organics. ALL VIEWS ARE MY OWN

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