A Capsule Winter Wardrobe: The Accessories

It’s officially Winter. Winter has well and truly descended upon us all and we can no longer step outside without uttering the sentence ‘init cold out’. So, we all need to put the Autumn jackets, the shorts and t-shirts away and bring back out the scarves, hats and boots.

I personally love the cooler months, I love when it starts to become crisper in the air but the dark mornings, evenings and iced windscreens can do one. I find that Autumnal/Winter fashion is perfect for tailoring and making statements with accessories. I feel that the layers and all that make, me feel all warm inside, which is a bonus when you think about it, when even your nips are getting frost bite with the chill in the air.

Lets start with hats. I love my floppy hats, I think they add something classy, sophisticated and snazzy to an outfit; they make a simple outfit look much more put together. However, they do nothing when it comes to giving you that warmth, so I tend to stick to these during the warmer wintery climates or when I’m having a bad hair day so when it’s bitters in ya pittas, I go for the beret hat and get my French on.

When it comes to the beret hat, they will never leave fashion or the trends especially when the weather is so chilly outside, so never fear buying the beret in favour of a bobble hat since I think the beret is a lot classier than the trusty bobble hat. I would advise always going for staple colours such as; black, navy, white or grey because this means it’ll always match nicely with your chosen Winter coat. Or buy the matching scarf to go with it. Insert winky face here.







My next staple this year, is the big long scarf, almost like a blanket. I made some great friends whilst at University and they were super kind and brought me this lovely scarf from Primark; they named it the ‘cheer up Ev scarf’ whilst I’ve been poorly and I love it. It’s so cosy and it gives a plain outfit a little more character/class to it without being too over the top which is such a bonus. I’ve added a plain black one onto my Christmas list for this year because I want my scarf to match my beret a little more nicely. It also means my scarf along with my coat wont look a mixed bag of check prints; looks nice with the mix match of patterns but I can’t help but think that people think I’ve got dressed in the dark.


Boots are probably the one pair of shoe that I miss during the Summer months because they are so comfortable, so chic and so warm three major positives if I say so myself. So, this time round I wanted to get a new pair of Boots for this season. I decided to go for a pair of Black heeled boots because I’d never owned a pair prior to this season, despite constantly praising friends for their choice of heeled footwear. I went for this pair from Boohoo. This was the first time I’d ever ordered any pair of shoe on Boohoo because I usually stick to Next for shoes because I trust their sizes for my very small 2.5 feet; but the sizes from Boohoo are good and fit, true to size as well as coming in great quality. The leather for these boots is super soft and super comfortable despite the chunky heel. I, personally find a chunky pair of heels to be much more comfortable to wear for a long period of time than a pair of small normal heels. So, if in doubt go for a chunkier heel on a pair of boots. They’ll add a spot of height but not too so high so you’re walking around like you’ve consumed too much brandy.


Beret: ASOS

Coat: Next

Boots: ASOS

Scarf: Primark

What have you been purchasing for the bitter in your pitta months?

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