Naughty or Nice: Festive Beauty with Revlon

*This post is in collaboration with Revlon & all products linked below *

Christmas Party season is well and truly upon us; which means 1/5 of our social media feeds will contain an outfit post from a friend of ours, festive make up selfies or group photos usually with lots of people we don’t necessarily want to be photographed with. So, I must of course write a post with my current go to festive party look for you guys to either replicate or make your own. The best thing, I’m making this high street/drugstore friendly so that you can all pick up the look for your festive or NYE celebrations; because I know how exciting it is to buy new make up for going out; sometimes as exciting as buying a new outfit. When Revlon got in touch about working together again on some upcoming content, I could hardly say no because they are one my favourite high street beauty brand; I love how their products are always of a super high quality but still affordable for all of us whatever our budget may be. Today, I bring you their latest creation, a palette which has products for your; eyes, lips and cheeks making it perfect for this time of year. At the moment, in Superdrug, you can get this free when you buy 3 Revlon products, so what a wonderful gift whether you keep it for yourself or keep it wrapped in its packaging to give your friends/family this festive season.

So, before we get on to the eyes of this look we should mention the base of your look and the products, I use when creating an evening look. I mention this product in every beauty post I write and have featured it on several occasions because I genuinely believe it makes for a perfect addition for any make up whether you’re an old pro or just entering the world of beauty purchases. This, of course, is the Revlon Photo Ready Primer  and it comes in a pump or as a compact, I’ve always gone for the pump version because it pumps the correct amount for your use so will last for a long time and you’ll never have the worry of forgetting to put the lid back on. This will keep your base make up perfectly in place for the duration of your evening out, this festive season, meaning if you need your foundation and concealer to last the evening to cover up that hormonal zit, you’re in luck with this primer it’ll last your for the entire evening even to the point of returning home with your head in the loo. I then go in with the Revlon Colourstay Foundation; a foundation which when released a few years back changed the dynamic of foundation for the high street because it came in a variety of shades for all skin tones but also types; whether you’re oily, combination, dry or normal like myself Revlon have catered for you which is a massive sigh of relief. Often, high street foundation can be a ball ache since not all formulations will suit certain skin types so often you’ll end up needing to blend two types or formulations to get your perfect match. This is often why higher end foundations have some sort of a pulling factor towards them but I do believe Revlon have hit the nail on the head with this formulation. It’s high, breathable coverage which makes it the perfect foundation for going out this season. I’m usually not a fan of high coverage foundation formulations because I find them too heavy but when going out I like my base to last the evening and to also photograph well which this foundation does brilliantly. To compliment the foundation, I’d always suggest using the matching concealer both for concealing under the eyes and any blemishes you may or may not have. Although, my under eye circles aren’t that bad, I do find that using a concealer under neath them if you’re going a ‘little out there’ with your eyes, this will make them stand out as well as making them look very put together.

For powdering I’d always recommend using a translucent powder and one that doesn’t add anymore coverage, especially if you’re like me who doesn’t like the ‘cakey’, OTT base this will just set your base so your t-zone, specifically, doesn’t look like a frying pan full of oil. I’ve become obsessed with the N07 Translucent Loose Powder; I think it’s a great product if you’re searching for a high quality but affordable powder which gives you that flawless complexion after application. A great setting powder when having photos with the flash on will definitely happen. I will then go in with a contour and bronzing, for this I use the Natural Collection Bronzing Powder and the Lottie London Shimmer Squad. For, giving my skin that healthy glow, I’ll use a big powder brush to apply all over the temples, chin and neckline to just give my skin the healthy natural glow that it seriously is craving at the moment. For contour, I’ll take a contouring brush and apply the Lottie London bronzing shade for creating some desperately needed cheekbones. Then, within the Revlon: Lips, Cheeks and Lip sets you’ll find two beautiful shades of blush, I take the blush shade from the Seductive Smokies palette which is a lovely shimmery blush which will you a lovely glitzy natural flush of colour on the cheeks. To then highlight the hella outta those probs, I’ll use the Lottie London, Highlighting Squad again and use the Trouble Maker shade and apply this on the top of the cheekbones, the cupids bow and the brow bones. Use a light brush, just to give yourself a natural sheen just so that you don’t look like the glitter ball you’ll be dancing under that night. This will complete the base stage of your make up and I will typically do this stage of the make up  after I’ve done my eye make up just so that if I do have any fall down from the eye products, I won’t have to restart the whole look all over again.

So, the eyes. For eyes I will always begin by preparing them by curling the lashes and using an eyeshadow primer because this will, like the base primer keep everything on the eyes in place and prevent any fall down half way through the evening. For this, I love the Essence 2 in 1 Cream Eyeshadow Primer; as a cream product it will really cling onto any eye products you apply to the lids. Then, I’ll use a cream pencil eyeliner from Essence again to line the top and bottom lash line which will give you the appearance of thicker and fuller lashes as well as looking a lot more polished when applying false lashes. I then, will use the latest shade in the Eyes, Lips and Cheeks palette and use this in the inner corner so that we can build up the smokey shades. Then, I take the two grey shades of very similar shade depth and apply this all over the lid blending it out to add that touch of smoke. This is a really lovely evening make up look and these shades are excellently pigmented for a super classy festive make up look. I will then take the darkest shade from this palette to then blend this into the outer corner and the crease to add depth and definition for the eyes. Also taking this shade on a smaller and thinner brush for the lower lash line; always use your crease colour for under the eyes too, since this will really bring the eyes together for a polished look. I will then use the Revlon Colourstay Felt Tip Liner; this alongside the Tanya Burr Selfie Story Eyeliner, is my favourite liquid eyeliner due to its ease of application and quality. I know that this eyeliner will stay in place for the evening but also makes eyeliner less tricky and complicated to do. Do you not find eyeliner a real arse to apply? Never getting equal lines, wings or thickness; make up lover probs ay? This liner, I will have fro the inner corner right to the end but with no flick other wise I’ll end up with scars with the amount of times I’ll need to re-do the wings.

After liner is applied, I shall use the Revlon Definition mascara (purple top) to separate and add the definition onto the lashes. No, evening eye make up look is complete without a set of false lashes so I will then apply a set of false lashes, these I take from the Ardell collection and use the Demi Wispies because these are a great set of lashes and immediately give you some volume which will bring the whole look together. It’ll also take this current look from day to night really quickly, quickly if you can apply the lashes better than I can. If I know I’m applying lashes, I’ll always have to give myself an extra 10 minutes to my getting ready time to allocate for false lash application; also a stage I edit out of my GRWM videos on YouTube. After you’ve applied your lashes, you want to use the liquid eyeliner again, just to go over the lash line where you’ve applied the lashes. A tip I learnt whilst reading false lash application tips; use a matte black shadow over the top of the liner to cement to hide the glue as well as make the liner and lash line look much darker and thicker; natural too. Then I use the Revlon All in One Mascara for the lower lash line; since this brush is so tiny it makes for a great lower lash mascara and will bring out all those tiny lashes that are refusing to become defined. EYES COMPLETE!

In between your eyes and lips, you’ll also get to the stage of sorting/taming your brows. I’m lucky that I’ve got very thick, full and dark brows so they don’t take me that long to sort out. However, I will always give them a sort out with any make up look because your eyes will never look complete without your brows being finished. I use the Tanya Burr Selfie Story Sculpt Pencil which I use to just fill in any sparse areas just to define the brows that little more. I then, go in with the Maybeline Brow Drama in Transparent/Dark Brown to tame and set the brows in place.

Final step: Lips. First step, I will line my lips with a lip liner especially if I’m using a red lipstick because it will aid application and make your lips look fuller and bolder. When wearing a red lip, it’s great for your lips to look full and plump! I use the Revlon Colourstay Lip Liner in Red: just to line the lip line and to also fill the lips in, almost as a base coat to keep the lipstick on for a little bit longer. I will then use a lip brush and use the red shade from the Seductive Smokies palette and brush this onto the lips which will perform as another lip layer for the final colour. The star player for the lips, will be the Revlon Ultra HD Liquid Lipstick in Love; which is a fab cherry red and a perfect shade for this time of year. This liquid lipstick will apply quite wet but will dry matte and will not smudge or move for the duration of the evening. I love these and have multiple shades whether red, nude or browny toned. Revlon have really nailed the liquid lipstick trend with these bad boys! A matte lip is perfect as it will compliment the shades on your eyes; it will also stay on your lips for that little bit longer so you’ll not find yourself needing to top up at every chance you get.

So that is your look complete: I believe this is a great look for this time of year whether you use it for one of your Christmas Parties, New Years Eve parties or even just for fun in the New Year. What makes, this look even better, is, is that it is an affordable look which doesn’t require a huge budget to achieve the look.

Disclaimer: This post was in collaboration with Revlon and some products were gifted but all opinions are my own*

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