A Personalised & Tasty Celebration

Today, I’m donning my Mary Berry hat and telling you all about the revelation that I have been made aware of…. cakes that fit inside your letterbox and are edible. I’m no food blogger by any standards so, before anyone leaves a comment or writes an indirect message on their social media account, don’t worry I’m not, instead I am making you all aware of a great service available to you which doesn’t involve moving from your sofa this festive season or the New Year.

Buying any form of celebration cake can be a right ball ache if you ask me, I’m really not into birthday cakes usually, my family know the drill when it comes to my relationship with cake. Make me a brownie and stick some candles in it and that’ll do the job perfectly. I find the sponge for the cake to always be dry, the buttercream never being tasty and the layer of jam being quite half arsed, so barely scraping over the dry sponge; gotta have some sort of moisture. The standard celebration cake also has the unimaginative decorations which have been done to death and there is only so many times, one can have, a birthday cake with a teddy bear on….Perhaps, this has to be to do with them all being mass produced and packaged in our local supermarket? So, when the Daddy’s of celebratory cakes got in touch with me for a collaboration, I was most intrigued to see whether I could be altered on my views about birthday cakes or celebration cakes. Before, I tell you all about my cake, let me just tell you about the company, the company are named ‘bakerdays’. They design, specifically, personalised cakes and cupcakes for birthdays, anniversaries or cakes for gifts. The concept, I found to be rather like MoonPig for cakes. The cakes are made to be then delivered via first class mail and you receive them straight away ready for celebrating with.

The company asked me if they could design a cake dedicated to my blog and I could hardly turn them down on such an offer. I was so touched with the effort, the team at ‘bakerday’s had made with my cake, it really incorporates everything I feature, write about and post in my content. It was such a delightful treat to come home to the other day, the small things at the moment are really brightening me up, after having down days so it definitely brought a smile to my face. But what about the taste?

I had the option to pick my flavour of cake and so I went for the plain, old simple flavour, vanilla, because I wanted to really test whether this cake would stand out in front of those pre-brought ones from the supermarket. The sponge was perfectly moist and was ever so light meaning it’s perfect to have as an accompaniment with a tea or hot chocolate at a tea party of some sort. The taste of the cake was delightful as was the icing on the top which is obviously my favourite part of any cake, especially this cake. I honestly, believe this would be a brilliant gift or addition to any celebration whether it be in aid of the festive period or maybe someone’s birthday, perhaps. It’s a perfect treat for adding a thoughtful touch to something quite ordinary and standard. The team at bakerdays have managed to create an idea which seems quite strange and pointless but in actual fact works and makes for a great tasty treat. And yes; eating a piece of cake with your face on what more could you want.

* this post was in collaboration with bakerdays and the cake was gifted by the company*


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