Why 2018 won’t be a capsule wardrobe year?

2016-7 was the year every blogger and fashionista went down the road of talking about capsule wardrobes and the reasons why we should have one; we had monetary reasons, we had mental positives as well as having more space around us. However, with all the above reasons in place I still can’t convert to this life just yet. If you’re not into fashion and just read this for me, then I’ll tell you what a capsule wardrobe is. It essentially goes back to the days of Gok Wan on Channel4 who told all the ladies out there to have a wardrobe containing few items but these few items would all be interchangeable. For example, the leather trousers could be worn both for: daytime and evening with just a change of top or fancier shoes. The concept is very good and for people who aren’t phased with outfit repetition, it is, the best thing to do, but there are a few reasons why I won’t be ditching my multiple polka dotted clothing items & jeans anytime soon.

My Style Changes

I probably did have a capsule wardrobe back in the day, when my fashion was not my first priority but my education was. But now at the age of 21 nearly 22 (wink wink) I believe that my fashion changes on a regular basis and so the chances of a capsule wardrobe working for me are very low. I’ve got more chance of Richard Hammond knocking on my front door or being famous than it working for my lifestyle. I like being able to dip into trends anytime.

It’s not always cheaper

Those who advocate a capsule wardrobe will tell you that it is cheaper and saves you money in the long term. This is because you won’t be tempted to buy lots of clothing items mid-season due to having them in your collection already. Now, I disagree, in order for a capsule wardrobe to work you, have to plan it in the run up and mass purchase for the run up to the season for it to be considered a capsule wardrobe, otherwise it’s the same as your standard wardrobe. The big celeb advocates of capsule wardrobe will spend at least £300 on their capsule wardrobe for that seasons wardrobe. Usually spending a large chunk of that on just the coat or a pair of shoes. So, are they actually making a saving? Well, unless they have that money to dish out like water than actually they’re not making a saving because they’ll be paying their credit card back for what they purchased. Do you get me? I think for the rich and for those in the fortunate position of being able to buy whatever they want when they want it would be really worthwhile and a saving. If you have swapped standard shopping for the capsule wardrobe then let me know your tips.

Updates make me happy

The above statement will now make me sound like a ‘spendaholic’ or one of those people who has to buy to make themselves happy. No, this is not the case at all. I’d say around 95% of my time, I am a very happy person and so do not trips to the shops to make me happy. I usually find happiness after a fitness class. But, by buying new pieces every now and then, it does give you a pick up and gives you that confidence that perhaps prior to the purchase you had. These purchases don’t even have to be expensive, as little as £5.99 for a basic tee from Zara.

Outfit Repeating Scares Me

There is a meme that circulates social media about the judgement we receive if we repeat an outfit when we should reply with ‘I have a washing machine’. For me, I have no problem wearing jeans over and over again or t-shirts or blouses but for going out for dinner or on a gallivant with friends, I like to buy a new outfit because it firstly gets me excited for the event as well as gives me the confidence to go for the night out. Even if it is just a new top or pair of shoes, it’s just that new item which can up your personal game and make you feel better within yourself. I find, if I wear the same outfit that I wore the time before I went out, I feel less sassy because I don’t want to re-share with followers or because those I am with, will make a judgement towards what I’m wearing.

It’s confining

Everywhere we go; whether it’s at work, home or on the roads, there are rules. Rules telling us what we can and can’t do, whether that’s not smoking in buildings, going above 70mph on the motorway or parking across multiple bays and so can you blame me for not wanting to put rules into my wardrobe? I don’t want to be styling myself a month before I’ve even found my sense of style for that season, I also don’t want to ban myself from buying the odd purchase on spontaneous trips.

My take on the capsule wardrobe, however, will surprise any family members raiding this. This is because I choose to have a clear out or cull of wardrobe every three months, and the three months I’m putting in this post because it’ll make me want to do a wardrobe clear out again. The clear out is not you binning every item but sorting through your wardrobe and making changes with your attitude towards your clothing and your collection of clothes. For me, I sort through my clothes with the same attitude I’d have when culling friends on social media and I call this a refresh. So call this a wardrobe refresh.

Begin, by going through your collection of clothes, beginning at one section whether it be t-shirts, denim or shoes. Go through and think about the last time you wore the piece. If you haven’t worn that t-shirt since 2015 or early 2016: you are highly unlikely to wear it again. Also, if the item doesn’t bring you a sense of desire to re-wear it, take it out of the wardrobe. The pieces that are now segregated from the rest of your clothes, you must now decide to do either of the three steps.

Step 1: Take to Charity: If you know you will never step outside your front door in those jeans or that blouse again, just bite the bullet and donate to charity. Someone out there, will want that blouse more than you did and the money they spend rehoming that blouse can go to charity. I will always donate mine to Cancer Research to help find the cure for such a terrible disease that effects all of us.

Step 2: Give to friends or family: If like me, most of your family are similar shapes and sizes and you can share clothes, donate that blouse to another person who may find that desire you lost towards it.

Step 3: Put it another bag under your bed or wardrobe: This is the hoarder wardrobe approach, if you think that you might wear that particular piece again, put it in a bag and place it under your bed or wardrobe and then if you fail to even pick it up or think about in the following weeks or months, then you can donate the item. It also gives you that sense of re-assurance that you are culling the right things in your collection.

I felt this post was my way of saying that with 2018, now with us, I will be the same person and keeping the same approach to my style and look for the year. I suppose what I’m trying to say is, New Year, Same Me. I’ve made resolutions like we all have but unlike my approach to capsule wardrobes, I don’t think I need to share them just yet. So, have a great 2018 and I wish everyone reading this, the happiest of new year’s!

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  • Your blog is beyond beautiful, I adore your photos! Loved this piece, I fully embraced the idea of a capsule wardrobe when I first heard about it but I love updating my wardrobe with new, exciting, sometimes ridiculous purchases and it’s kind of helped me to grow as a person, more confident and helped me to know which styles I prefer 😀 or maybe I’m just a hoarder haha! xD xx

    elizabeth ♡ ”Ice Cream” whispers Clara
    (I would love to follow each other on bloglovin if you like! :D)

  • I love your choices in dressing! While I feel that I tend to stay towards a capsule wardrobe, you do give good reasons why that may not be such a good idea. I do need to rebuy pretty much my entire wardrobe as almost all of it is thrift store and homeless attire (not even joking there) but I plan on doing it over time since I can’t just pick everything at once. I also appreciate the suggestion to donate…as I’ve been the direct recipient of those clothes before. It means a lot when all you have is stained baggy men’s clothes to wear and you’re given something that fits and is feminine…so yes please on the donations! haha