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For the last 13 years of my life, I’ve needed glasses/contact lenses to aid my eye sight. My eye sight is quite weak and rather blurry without of a pair of spectacles. In the early days of wearing glasses, I hated wearing them and would try my absolute hardest to try and keep wearing my contact lenses, even through the dry eye Gandhi’s flip flops moments. Anyone who wears or has worn contacts knows the dry feeling come the end of the day; when it’s like blinking paper cuts. The pain I’d endure for vanity and not begin called Ugly Betty!! Now, however, at the ripe age of 22, Yes one has aged since the last post I’m beginning to embrace my appearance with my glasses. So, today I picked up my latest pair of glasses to compliment my latest eye test.

Eye tests are a major part of our health just like visiting our dentists to check our teeth and going to the nurse’s office to have our smears and gentleman checks. But, lots of us forget about our eye health. I bet you didn’t know that there are more than 2 million people in the UK with sight loss; 50% of those people could have prevented such sight losses had they visited their opticians for an eye test. Were you aware that 40% of us can lose our vision without even noticing? Maybe, that’s why every time we go the opticians we are surprised, when our optician informs us that our eye sight has weakened since our last visit. We are told that we should have our eyes tests every two years but most of us are failing to do so. Just over half of adults in the UK, visit an optician, once every five years and there are 13.8 million adults who don’t even have their eyes checked. Being a patient for my contact lenses as well as my glasses, I’m always reminded to go and check the health of my eyes. Since the age of 10, my eyes have just become worse each time I’ve visited the opticians,  but I’m rather grateful that in 13 years, designers and opticians have made wearing glasses fashionable and much more of a fashion statement than when I first started out wearing the specs.

Last week I had my eye check-up for my vision, since 2016, and I had this at my local Vision Express store. The optician I had was ever so lovely and was very chatty which makes any check-up that little bit easier. She also chuckled at my commentary which was an added bonus; those who chuckle at my comments usually make a good impression on Ev. Along with the usual: reading from a chart, the optical assistants in store also did some visual scans on my eyes to check my eyes were still healthy. Again, not a scary thing at all; Id prefer an eye scan over an MRI any day!!!! My optician informed me that my eye sight had weakened since my last visit. So, I’ve got the same prescription that I take for my contact lenses which is a 3.75 if anyone was interested with prescriptions. I should also, add that it’s not a competition who has the worst eye sight. Insert the winky face.

Since, my vision had weakened, it was important I had a new pair of spectacles which could accommodate such changes. Picking a pair of glasses is always a big thing for me; although I have my contact lenses to fall back on, I also like my glasses to be visually pleasing as well as liking them for the 2-year duration. I’ve learnt that a tortoise shell is a shade which suits my olive complexion and dark hair but also when I’m not wearing any make up my glasses this colouring doesn’t wash my skin tone out. When I used to wear black glasses, I’d look way rougher than I felt.

 I went for a similar shape because I’ve become such a fan of the bigger and larger frame of spectacle. I’ve also gone for a much lighter shade of tortoise shell just for change in my spectacle history. I usually play it quite safe but in the last year, my style has evolved which called for some change in my glasses collection too. I also felt like this pair just had some character which compliments my style and personality quite well. You’re probably wondering who and where these glasses are from? Well, you’ll be pretty chuffed to find out that these bad boys are from the In-Style range at Vision Express and were such a great find. The staff at Vision Express were super helpful at guiding me through which frames and styles suited me without being harsh; it’s also great when trying a new pair of glasses on what another person thinks so you know what your audience are seeing. I love having the help of the store when I’m picking my glasses because it makes the journey much smoother and you know they actually fit the shape of your face perfectly.

Now who knows what anti-glare/reflection is? Well, I only learnt what it was in 2016 when I upgraded my standard glasses from glare central to anti-glare. Those who have it on their glasses love it and those who haven’t got it on their glasses, don’t know what they’re missing. It’s essentially a special coating which improves vision, reduces eye strain and the best thing for people like me, who like their photo being taken = they are more attractive to look at. This is something which I think everyone should consider when investing or buying a new pair of specs. It is an additional cost but in the long run makes your glasses just that nicer quality and of course better looking. Also means you don’t fear when the photographer puts his flash on his camera because those who do not have the nice anti reflective coating will have just flash on their lenses. Not a great look. I know that when I have this coating on my glasses, I can take a photo without the worry of seeing the reflection of myself through the selfie. If you ask me that’s a winner in itself.

I am very happy, with my glasses this time around and am even happier at the fact that they photograph well, they suit my style and I’ve also kept up to date with the health of my eyes. I suppose, Evs feels rather spexy now (winky face).

This post was in collaboration with Vision Express & the glasses were gifted to me by Vision Express. All views and opinions are my own






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