SoulTree: Organic Beauty, Is it Worth it?

Hundreds of our favourite make up has been used, tested and made amongst Pete Rabbit or had hundreds of chemicals to produce the make up. But what would the outcome of this make up be, if we decided to just use organic make up? I’ve made my skin care collection, my hair care and deodorant organic/natural so what about some of my make up products?

After I fell in love with lipsticks, came the eyeshadows and then the base products and all of these products have been hard to find natural alternatives to. Today, however, I am trying some natural eyeshadows and whether they can be as good as my favourite powdered formulations. I was recently sent the SoulTree: Ayurvedic Kajal Eyeshadow crayons and they came in a great range of shades; from blacks, transparent, yellows, greens and copper tones. These crayons, unlike some of their high end or low end dupes are based from natural/organic ingredients. Like me, you’ve probably never heard of this brand so let me give you some basic information about the brand.

SoulTree is the only Indian brand to offer certified natural personal care and beauty products. The products carry triple seal of the truth Ayurvedic, organic and ethical standards. For Soultree, truth is the route to beauty. But why should you think about a brand who you’ve never heard? of in favour of heading to the closest House of Fraser to raid their high end beauty counters.

Organically Farmed:

Botanicals, Soultree use organic and harvest botanics without chemical contamination.

Ethically Sourced:

Ethically harvests practices are used to encourage forest regeneration.

No Harsh Chemicals:

No petroleum or artificial fragrances/colour have been injected into the products.

Freshly Made In/House:

Botanical extracts enrich our product so are painstakingly made in house. Soultree choose their path of nurture.

All of the above seem legit and great reasons to buy or invest in these products but are they cracked up to be what they are worth? I’ll be honest as always because some bloggers would be slightly biased

since the products have arrived in their mail with no costs. My eyeshadow collection is vast so they’ve had a lot of competing to do and living up to do. I decided to showcase the darkest shade in today’s look because, often the darkest shades in any collection can be the weakest ones and be the ones lacking in pigmentation.

I firstly love their variety of shades since they are all so versatile and can be worn for both day and night; I find that darker shades can be quite scary for daytime looks but these can be worn for those times too. Whether all over the lid or just on the lid. I am also a big fan of these shadows being in crayon form since they make application super easy; the biggest pulling towards these forms is, that you can apply them on the top and bottom waterlines which is sometimes the hardest thing for me, who is a complete numpty with eye shadows. These have actually replaced my standard skinny pencil eye liners since they are significantly more pigmented and easier to apply. I also feel that using the same shade on the eye lines as on the lids to be rather put together. The waxy formulation makes the crayons super easy to blend out and make your eye look much nicer and less like you’re a learner with the shadows. I also think the waxy formulation makes these shadows a great pairing with your standard shadows if you wanted to build the colour even deeper than you’ve currently got. Although, I have used the blues, purples and blacks in this post for this look; I really love the copper and brown tones of the collection since they really go well with my dark features and can be used for a day when you’re opting for the easy and quick make up look.

This is probably my shortest beauty PR review ever but sometimes to showcase how much of a love affair you’ve got with a product, it requires simple but sweet review. I love how much of an impact these products have made in my eyeshadow collection without taking up too much room in my collection. These shadows are currently unavailable to get hold of in person in a drugstore but are available online. They are soon to be released or more accessible in the UK and the other variety of items the brand currently stock and have produced. I love how, this Indian beauty brand have produced some cute innovative products which can enhance your eyes so well. Knowing the products are organic, means it’s even better. Soultree hurry up and get in the UK shops! *Insert winky face*


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