The Anti Denim Edit: Wide Leg Trousers

‘Super-sized – and eminently wearable silhouette’.


I could probably put money on one thing, that in your wardrobe, 85% of it, is denim. Is there anything wrong with denim? NO! It fits, its comfortable and can be made into smart casual or casual just with a change of top. But, what happens if you need a wardrobe refresh? What do you turn to? I present, the wide leg trousers.

Any trouser that wasn’t skinny would give me fake anxiety; oh goodbye the days of wearing boot cut trousers for retail work and school. Boot cut= yuck. The fit, the style and feel of the cut is just, nasty! (If you didn’t say that as Raven Symone from Thats so Raven are you even a 90s Kid?) If you have a bootcut fit, just remove it from your wardrobe, only one person can pull off bootcut denim and that is, Jeremy Clarkson, he owns the bootcut, so leave him with that fit! So, what happens if you take the wide leg trouser? Does it make it better? And most importantly, can a person like me, who is a short arse side, pull them off?

If you read magazines like Cosmo, Glamour or even Vogue, you’ll have noticed that skinny jeans are still dominating the high street but are starting to go fewer and further between. So long, ripping denim from your thighs after a night out and circulation in your legs being torn into something else. This is nothing to do with them not being stylish, but, because we are finding nicer and even more flattering styles of trouser that have a little more character/personality. Vogue have suggested that Spring is all about the super-sized – and eminently wearable silhouette.’ Thank the Lord! A pair of wide leg trousers shout volume and character into a wardrobe without being too in your face or even aggressive. In my opinion, they shout, ‘hey I’m here’ without you, turning up in your underwear with everyone feeling the urge to turn around since you’re making such a weird statement.

So, how do you as a petite gal, if you are that is, wear the wide leg without looking a mess? Or just a melon?

1) Buy Petite

Like any trouser, skirt or dress I think if like me, you are verging on the short arse scale, you must buy specifically according to your size. This is because, if you go for petite, chances are, they won’t be too long or drown your proportions. ASOS, Boohoo and Next, for me, kill at the petite section. No, I’ve not been sponsored to feature those brands, I just have my preferences folks! I’ve noticed that most pieces you see in the normal ‘I’m not a small person’ section have been made to fit my height and proportions. These wide leg trousers are a must buy in the petite section because they won’t drown your bottom half. ASOS if you must know!

 2) Get a Belt

The Gucci belt is everywhere and my budget/style is not in need of it. But, a belt for something like these, is just what the fashion police are demanding you get. For me, this belt from New Look is perfect. A basic tan belt is ideal for hugging your bottom half in with these trousers. It also makes, reflecting my hour glass figure that even better as it sucks your waist and makes the booty and hips look great. If I say so myself.

3) Play it slim up top

As you can see from my look today, I’ve gone for a Long Sleeve Rib Turtle Neck Top because it’s a tight fitted, fit. Gosh, what a mouthful! This means that it can be tucked into these trousers without looking OTT, but it also means the proportions are much better. I’d advise, getting a tighter fitted jumper, shirt or t-shirt that can be tucked in, so that all the volume can be speaking at the bottom through the trousers. Too much volume will be far too chaotic and just not what you or your audience need nor want.

 4) Funky Shoes

These trousers are as funky as you can get, unless they were polka dot or checked, they are as funky as a soul funk band. But a pair of shoes whether flat or high need to be added in, for that effect. I’ve been opting for a pair of the classic vans. I’ve been turning to a pair of vans for everything in my wardrobe lately. The classic look of these shoes means they are adaptable for any look; whether smart casual or just casual, just like denim really. Everyone, seems to have got onto the vans band wagon but I was rocking the slip on ones, in 2009 with bad specs and a bad fringe…But, with these wide leg trousers, a statement trainer or slip on shoe is just perfect. I have worn these trousers with a pair of heels, which is nice and definitely makes me feel like Olivia Pope when I walk anywhere in them but I just think the trainer combo gives them even more character. I honestly think, wearing a pair of formal trousers with a pair of trainers is a talent, few can actually pull off and I personally think I can and do it quite well. Ooo, cheeky!

5) Go Basic

Like any trend, it’s important to start simple. Don’t go straight in, with a pair of statement wide leg trousers before testing the waters. You don’t buy a Ferrari without having had a small car before hand, or do you? I can barely park a Fiat 500 so anything bigger will be a challenge and a half. Now that is a weird comparison isn’t it? Cars vs fashion? I’d call myself the fashion female version of Jeremy Clarkson! But, my point, buy a basic neutral colour like I’ve done with the navy. The navy, I know, I can team with most things in my wardrobe (nothing black, do not combine black and navy folks) without the fear of rocking in a peculiar manner and as though I’ve got dressed without a mirror and in the dark. Maybe, if a pair of polka dot or check trousers do take my fancy I’ll be running to purchase them but am not in desperate need.

Will you go for a wide leg trouser? Or will you stick to the skinny fit jean?


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