My Lip Wardrobe with Revlon

In January, beauty addicts both in the UK and internationally saw Revlon bring out their latest campaign which focuses on ‘Living Boldly’ a mantra which I want to present to you, through their lip wardrobe. I’ve selected three lipsticks from their lip wardrobe, which for me really present this ‘Living Boldly’ mantra perfectly. Revlon have always been a step up on the high street especially for their lip products so it seems only right to start in that department.

The new Live Boldly campaign has four new Global Ambassadors to launch their campaign and one of my ultimate girl crushes Gal Gadot being a part of their new campaign. I’d pay good money, to look like Wonder Woman herself!! Gadot herself, suggested in her interviews for the campaign that the mantra; when broken down is about owning, being confident and going over and beyond for your dreams. This take on the mantra is perfect, being bold is about being unapologetic, knowing no boundaries, being a strong and authentic version of yourself. (Thanks Revlon) If you can’t hear my first pump through your screens, then I want you to imagine a petite olive skinned brunette gal sat at her desk fist pumping in agreement.

Gadot is joined by; plus size model Ashley Graham, model and activist Adwoa Aboah who graced the cover of Vogue last year and Imaan Hammam also join the campaign this year. All these women who feature in the campaign all shout; girl power and fighting for something but boldly’. I’m a huge fan of their work aside from Revlon, but seeing these women join together to empower women within the beauty industry is a great thing to see both: as a woman and as a consumer within this industry. Aboah in her press statement for teaming up with Revlon said that working with Revlon gives the women a platform to be accessible to all different types of women. Yes you go my girl!! (Can you tell, this whole campaign is just right up my street?)


To embody the Live Boldly campaign, I wanted to take three lipsticks which to me, really capture the mantra of the advert and work. Let’s begin with Revlon Ultra HD Matte Metallic Lip Colours. These bad boys were released last year and were a real modern twist to their standard Ultra Matte HD Lip colours which I will feature, today too. These lipsticks claim to come in eight velvety metallic matte shades with a lightweight, moisturising feel. I see all the make up wearers, currently laughing with the idea that a matte formulation is moisurising! But, believe the marketing and the hype, these matte products are very long lastng, matte and of course moisturising. Three things you never thought would come together but have. Happy Days!! The lip colours can all be built up or be sheered down but all with that matte but metallic finish. Now, when I first saw these, I was a little spectacle since I was certain they’d be like lip glosses but they’re not. Woohoo.  I love how a standard matte liquid lipstick has been given such a modern and fun twist to it. Long Lasting, Metallic, Matte and light weight = the lip lovers dream! I think it screams being bold, why? Well, it seems to shout the essence of going beyond the boundaries that are perhaps in place with make up and matte products in particular. My shade = HD SHINE

Next, we have Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick. I remember, buying my first Revlon lipstick in the shade ‘Black Cherry’ and it was a superb colour. I do, believe it was my signature colour for my first year of University, since it was the perfect brown shade for the Autumn weather. It also was a colour that went perfectly with a jacket I had bought for University! Now, however, I’ve got the shade 046, creme, Bombshell Red. Oh, the days, when I’d only wear a Nivea lip balm, oh how we laugh at those days. I absolutely love this shade, since it’s more of a wintery red than other shades. It’s almost a red wine shade of red, and no that’s not me claiming to be a fan of red wine, just very observant. It also makes more sense to those who are reading this for me and not for the review of the lipsticks. This is probably, the only shade in my collection that doesn’t have a matte consistency, because usually I only opt for the matte textured lipsticks, but this is a wearable red shade. It offers a lot of pigmentation, always an added bonus. Any red lipstick, whether matte or of a creamy consistency shouts the idea of living boldly, because red is the statement colour. When I wear a red lip, I feel; confident, strong and of course myself. There should be a rule out there somewhere which says ‘if you need a sass boost, opt for a red lipstick, you’ll be cheered up in no time’ and slaying like Beyonce’.

The final lipstick comes from the Ultra Matte HD Lipstick collection in the shade Infatuation; these graced the high street back in 2016 time, they dominated everywhere because they were the first offering for the high street for this liquid lipstick formulation.Liquid lipsticks were something of the unheard, before 2016 and now every man and his dog has one, floating about in their collection. Whether high end or low end. But, these, despite their affordable price tag are just what you need in your collection, especially if the price tag of Kylie Jenners just doesn’t feel right. For me, their formulation has always been stellar, they’ve always come out so pigmented and had a strong colour that you’ll always find a shade from the collection, in my handbag when popping to the shops or out for the evening. Their matte consistency, means that you can expect, this will be lasting for the duration of your night and not be coming off, even when you’ve kissed every good looking person in sight. But, if like me you aim for a nose kiss, then you’re chap who you’ve kissed can expect a very HD lip stain on his nose. LOL. I can’t praise these lipsticks anymore, without dying with one of them perched gracefully next to my gravestone. Perhaps, Revlon had their ‘Live Boldly’ campaign already thought of, when they created and launched these bad boys, because coming in such vibrant, defining and signature colours, these are probably the most relatable lip products that shout ‘Live Boldly’. I definitely, have taken a bit of a risk wearing this darker shade, since never usually wearing anything darker than a plum red shade; but I quite like this purple shade for the cooler months of the year with a very neutral eye look. I say that sentence, when we’re in March but also have a blizzard outside, I’m dreaming of the warmer months but still embracing the wintery trends.

So, that was my lip wardrobe containing very three different: shades, formulations and textures but all shouting that- I’m choosing to live boldly through my make-up choices, this season; whether that’s through wearing a matte, metallic or crème lip. What will yours contain?

*This post was written in collaboration with Revlon, products were gifted but all views are my own* 

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