And the Award Goes To…

So, before we get into the main course let’s have the starter. The big question, we have is…have you heard, bought or downloaded the Queen of Pop, Kylie Minogue’s new album? If you haven’t get on that right now! It honestly, is a master piece. I’m biased, because I buy anything that has her name on, but this album is a work of art. It’s one of those albums, that just has some real relatable tracks and I feel Kylie’s all within this album. So, if you haven’t go onto Spotify and have a stream cos it’s fab. xox

So, something honestly surreal happened last month and it was so surreal that I felt the need to document and share with you all the exciting update for this cornerstone; and it also meant that I could share some of my London Fashion Week imagery for you all. I was notified, last month that this poxy, tiny, annoying (all the words I’ve heard, not mine, of course) had been awarded Best Fashion & Lifestyle blog at the Business Excellence 2018 awards. Now, at first, being the pessimist that I am, I thought it was a con and I’d been hacked. So, I let it blow over and didn’t mention it to a soul. Until, I did my research; in the same way that I do when I see a past love interest has a new bird on the scene. You add it to your list, of potential’s and move on, but of course, you do some investigating before crossing them off. The investigations require; You to type them in on every social media, to check where and what they do for a living, including where their Auntie Carol went on her 2008 holiday. I am pleased, to say that like the past love interests new female friends; it was legit.  I now an award winning blogger unlike their new female friends’. My blog after 4 years of weekly posting, regular photoshoots and camera equipment being purchased has finally been recognised and awarded.

Those who are out to be anuses, will claim that it’s not an official blogger awards, it’s not been recognised by a big blogger or I haven’t got the magical 10K followers for that recognition. But, turns out that even without those, I can still be recognised for my dedicated and hard work. I honestly, never thought that when I started this blog back in 2014, after my first choice University had rejected me that I’d be in a position with this blog that I am in now. I started this platform, as a way of getting over the fact that I had worked hard for 2 years to not get into the University that I thought I wanted to go to. My blog, was like the break up/revenge body you get into after you break up with your lover. Turns out, when a person of the opposite sex messes with your feelings, you write a book, go to the gym or are those the things I do?  But when a University rejects you, you write a blog. I know, only an Ev thing to do.

I’m not expert on the ol’blogging thing, but over the last 3/4 years I have learnt a few things that I felt I could write and share with you, in case you are thinking about picking up a laptop, a server and writing about your life.

Blog = Money

Whenever I have mentioned my blog to anyone, their first question above anything is, is, whether I make money or get paid to do what I quite enjoy doing. Blogging used to be something, few spoke about and often would hide their work in fear of a person mocking and leaking it. Now, starting a blog is just a normal thing to do. No longer, is a blog just a hobby but it is now a business for some and something people consider as a career when they’re young. So, we’ve gone from the socially awkward people writing in secret for pleasure to now, to now anyone and everyone writing for exposure and monetary gain. Turns out, I can’t make enough money to blog full time like other bloggers, but for me, my blog has always been a hobby and something I enjoy to do as a sideline. If the time, came where I could make money from it, I’d have to really consider it. For me, I’d want to be earning enough money to pay bills, run my new whip and buy myself new treats. BUT, if you start your blog for the thought that in the first week, month or even year that you’ll be making enough money to give up your 9-5 admin job you’re certainly wrong. Also, you’re in the industry for all the wrong reasons if you think blogging is easy. Often, our favourite youtube stars have been in the industry for years before anything of monetary value comes their  way. So, my first tip, put the server, laptop and camera down if you think blogging will be a few quick bucks.

All you do is post on social media

I’ve learnt in the last year, that some individuals will unfollow you on one principle, they think you post too much on social media. Now, before I was blogging, I very rarely shared on Instagram, only when I was going on a night out, on a holiday or something of great photo quality could be shared. Now, I try to post on my business account @cornerstoneforthoughts if you want to come over and follow, at least twice a day and when it’s a little more I’m slightly buzzing, especially if the engagement is of good quality. But, to grow a following of the scale that other bloggers have accumlated in their years of blogging requires consistency and if you’re not prepared to stand in the cold, pose in front of walkers by (my favourite thing to do btw) or just have your photo taken on every occasion than you need to think about whether blogging is the right hobby for you. I’ll add that standing in poses for the camera whilst people watch, is actually a real thrill for me. I find it rather satisfying since these people wonder what you’re up to and start thinking you’re famous. If Only..

Some of the things you write…

I’m quite an open book and take no shame in writing and sharing content about whats happening in my life; neither am I embarrassed with sharing incidents like nose kissing, reversing into lamp posts or using Madonna lyrics in conversation to avoid entering into awkward situ’s. For me, I love my blog to be as candid as it can be, I’d prefer my readers to see the real me and not a mask of pretence that isn’t me. Anyway, it’s more funny for me to share those experiences than me to pretend lmao.

How/who take your photos?

I have all my photos taken on the Olympus Pen EPL8, which has been known as the go to bloggers camera; since it’s so easy to carry round and has a selfie screen. It also has WiFi on, meaning, I can transfer the photos straight away. My daily outfit of the day shares, are taken on my Samsung S8 btw. But, when it comes to who takes those bad boys, I use all the family members possible. I’ve never and do not have the budget for fancy photographers so I use what I have; more than willing family members but family members who can take quite a good photo. If you want to blog, don’t give into the pressure of buying a fancy camera if you don’t need to. I felt, like my blog was going into a direction where it needed it’s camera game upping but in the early days, a fancy camera wasn’t my thing. My Samsung S4,6 and 8 all served me well.


So, I can now change that bit in my bio that says ‘award nominated’ to ‘award winning’ blogger..of course whilst listening to Kylie Minogue’s cracker of a new album.

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  • I’m glad you’ve won an award Ev. It is not easy blogging especially around a full time job and studying. My boyfriend takes my photos for my blog (thank goodness) Your pictures are stunning. I use my EPL7 I just need to get that 45 mm lens is it? lol : ) xo