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Let’s just get it out, in the open and be open with each other and today’s blog post comes from the hight street fashion brand Warehouse who have sponsored today’s feature. The brand, dared me to pluck up the courage and discuss jumpsuits, but as a petite gal can I pull off such a look? Today, I took up the challenge and took a plunge and thought ‘hell to the yeah’ to jumpsuits and all things connected.

Jumpsuits are a strange ol’ thing, they’ve always been around and everyone has always worn them when they want to look snazzy yet remain semi comfortable; I’ve dabbled with the jumpsuit trend in the past and I feel that today, I tick two things off on my search for the most flattering jumpsuit for a girl of 5ft. Warehouse, at the moment are really killing it with their variety of jumpsuit in their Spring/Summer Collection. All of which can flatter your height, shape and personal style regardless of height. Last year, I became a little obsessed with culottes; they were the perfect summer trend since they were light and loose fitting yet stylish. So, why not combine the two? How? You ask. Why not create a culotte jumpsuit just as the styling team from Warehouse have done.

For me, the culotte jumpsuit is an ideal addition to your wardrobe since it’s comfy and will be a piece you can add to your workwear collection  as well as a the weekend collection. Although, I try to create a capsule wardrobe for my workwear, I like to slide in a few pieces every now, think of it as the **** boy approach to capsule wardrobing; when they slide into your direct messages.Let’s discuss how I’ll be styling this and in particular for all times, whether for the office or for the weekends.


I’m not saying the hideous rubber sliders that you wear on a holiday resort or between the sauna and steam room at a spa but the trendy sliders that look more like strapless sandals. Mules as Next have named the ones that are featuring in today’s post.  They’re going to make a great addition for my Summer holidays but also during the warmer climates in the United Kingdom. These have a leather strap over the toe and works as a simple statement that is also perfect for bringing this look to a casual vibe. Perfect for the Summer climates; casual chic just seals the deal. Just like a man wearing navy and tan if you ask me.

Heels: Sandals

This is a personal opinion rather than something I believe everyone should be opting for. Unlike, the navy and black which I do believe are two colours you should never match together. For wearing a jumpsuit, I do personally feel that you should go for a heeled sandal rather than a court heel should you wish to wear a jumpsuit for an occasion where you require a heel. A sandal, is such a flattering shoe to select for this and will also slim your legs and ankles done. Even more slimming than wearing Spanx to cover up the over indulgence of chocolate buttons and malteasers.


We’ve addressed how important a blazer is, for any wardrobe whether you opt for the capsule wardrobe or the ‘i buy when I want it’ wardrobe concept. For me, personally the blazer is the most effective way to bring a casual and comfortable look from that into either dinner worthy/weekend wear to work wear; so basically making a statement. Whether, it be the same colour as your entire jumpsuit piece or another colour. This blazer, just makes it look less like I’m wearing pj’s since this jumpsuit is such a comfortable piece and feels like I’m in leisure wear. Winning.

Wrap vs Zips

Jumpsuits, playsuits and dungarees have one thing in common other than sitting in the same category on ASOS; they’re a pain up the back side when it comes to going to the loo on a night out, a day out or in the office loos. Nobody wants to ask Sharon, the Job’s Worth for a hand with their zip whilst they go for a quick wee. So, how do you avoid that but still pull off the jumpsuit without needing to completely look like a tit whilst you completely strip off in the loo? And fear that nobody will walk in, because the door wouldn’t lock. And, no this is NOT coming from personal experience. The jumpsuit featured in this post, is a wrap round and has no zips- so requires no assistance therefore makes the perfect jumpsuit addition to the capsule wardrobe.

Keep to 1 colour

Now, if you base your style on Michael Portillo, then you might love an ray of colours; I usually love a spot of colour however when it comes to wearing a jumpsuit. I will stick to wearing one block colour and try to wear accessories to match and just compliment the rest of the piece. For this style of jumpsuit, I will go for black as it’s easy to accessorise but also black is the most slimming colour.

If I love the culotte then what’s not to love about the culotte jumpsuit? i basically, combine my love of culottes- aka the perfect summer cropped trouser with an all in one which essentially is the lazy mans answer to dressing yourself. I call it, ‘The, I didn’t plan my look very well and needed a quick look‘. So, go for the culotte jumpsuit if you want a trouser that will be cool, flattering, summery and totally on trend and then be a simple and effective way for dressing for work or weekend. Unlike passing GCSE maths and driving test’s, I managed to pass this challenge first time round and will definitely be considering sliding more jumpsuits, especially of this style into my wardrobe since they’re so comfortable but also stylish. What’s more to want from an outfit of the day?


*This post was sponsored but all views are my own*


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  • I’m a huge fan of jumpsuits (and this post). They are honestly so versatile. I need a new jumpsuit on payday and I think you may have just pointed me in the right direction. My fave item of clothing, doesn’t even bother me that going to the loo takes ten years.