Revlon Colourstay Exactify Eyeliner: The Verdict

If you read Friday’s post, then you’ll already know that back in June; I appeared in the Revlon marketing material for the Exactify Eyeliner. It was honestly a dream come true, working with a brand I’ve admired for years. I got to work with the eyeliner a week prior to the shoot and then ever since too, so if someone is going to give you an honest review then Ev is the probably the best person. *I should add, that I’m not biased and would be entirely honest with my opinions and reviews.*

Let’s cut to the chase, I’m not the best when it comes to eyeliner, neither am I the best when it comes to make up in general, I’m just not. So, an eyeliner whether it be high end or high street has a lot of living up to do. With eyeliners, I’m quite picky since I need it to not budge, easy to apply along with being a decent price. The latest Revlon creation has been designed with a wheel tip in favor of the usual felt tip or brush that their rivals have opted for. The wheel, nicknamed the pizza cut line goes in one direction therefore should be easy to navigate across the eye line; designed to be easy for application should you have an unsteady hand. To get the best from the eyeliner, the brand have suggested a 3 step plan and is not the sort of 3 step plan your mortgage adviser gives you!

First step, shake the product to release the pigments. Once shaken, let’s roll gently across the lash line, the wheeled tip will gently roll creating an easy precise line. This is the claim but does it? Let’s discuss.

As I mentioned, in the previous para, I’m no eyeliner expert so testing this, is real, as I’m not a make up artist.  I find that, my application of eyeliner is not something I can rush, I have to take my time. I would never opt for a winged eyeliner look for any form of last minute dash out as it would like Norman had, had a go. So, that part of the claims I cannot verify but in terms of ease, well that I can verify. Although, I’m not confident enough to use eyeliner with minutes to spare in my routine, I would 100% use this with enough time in my routine. Why? Well, it’s easy to apply and is a 1 job. With the wheel, and with a firm shake, you can ensure that you’ll be getting a fair amount of product on the applicator, thus one sweep and the lash line is lined. Back of that bloody Net. I also find that with this liner, I can a sweep from the inner inner corner making it a very elegant, almost 50s winged line. Captain America lady, eat ya heart out!!


My text tick box, can it stay on my eye line without coming off, running or smudging come lunch time? Some eyeliners, I don’t have any form of issue with, then there are others which by lunchtime make me look like I’m impersonating Alice Cooper for fun. The Revlon one, I can say, stays on!! On the day of the shoot, I drew a line on my hand as a way of showing the simplicity of the gliding motion of the wheel. This line, did not budge for the duration of the day, which if you ask me is a bloody winner. The eyeliner that the make up artists then applied, also stayed on, i should add this was applied at 10am and managed to last right up to ‘CUT’ at 6pm. WOW! I then, wanted to prove it at home. It’s all well and good a professional applying it and ensuring it lasts all day but could silly gal Ev also manage it? Yes, yes she can. GLORIOUS! Now, we’re in thighs sticking to leather seats, it’s important to add that this eyeliner can also endure humid climates without melting off your face like any of your base products. So if that spot is now visible, just remember that your winged liner is still perfection. Take the positives, and all that!

 I’ve put the eyeliner to the test and was shocked with how well it lasted. I went from day to evening with the same eyeliner and it was still in tact. Some eyeliners, require a touch up, but this one simply didn’t. I’m not lying, it just didn’t. And no, I’m not imagining these things, this is legit, real and the truth. You can buy, a high street eyeliner that will provide you with simple winged lines, long last lasting lines that are all easy to apply. WINNING!!

I’ll leave you with a few pictures and the advert, for you to sample over and to also consider adding this to your make up bag!

Disclaimer: This post is an #AD with Revlon but all views and opinions are my own.


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