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Bodycon. The very tight fitting style of clothing as it’s known as, if you want to waste a spot of time, searching for its definition. I clearly didn’t have that much time on my hands… It’s a word, regardless of its definition that has filled me with dread since I’ve been going on nights out, so since 18. It’s the form of dressing that involves preparation. Anything that involves preparation fills me with dread. The form of dressing that requires genuine time, selecting underwear, and angles for outfit of the days. Underwear which shows no seems, no thongs and do the spanx leave enough breathing space between a few drinks and a bag of chips after way too many gins? Which angle makes my bum look perkier? Which angle hides the menstrual bloating? Which leg position makes me look taller for all to see? These are the questions that run through all our minds when we’re trying to take a picture to upload to social media to rub in our exes and our old friend’s faces, so how hard can it be to find a dress that makes you feel good but is bodycon? *Insert challenge music*

As a girl lacking in the height department but making up for it in the booty and babylon department, I need a dress needs to make me feel taller but emphasise all the assets. And assets, you know what I’m referring to! Finding a dress particularly bodycon but also perfect for having a petite frame is tricky because being small you don’t want the dress to drown you and make you look 2 inches shorter. Anyway, we need all the inches we can get! Rather than procrastinating and discussing the obstacles in my way, let’s actually find the dress that will make me feel 4 inches taller and a sass pot!

In a face of a fashion crisis, I will always return to my ol’ faithful, Boohoo. Boohoo were the brand I turned to most, whilst at University for night out clobber. The brand never let me down, so chances are, the outfits you saw me wear whilst crawling round the student bars was in a Boohoo number. I’ve always found Boohoo reliable in the face of these times, because they’re at a reasonable price but also because they have a wide selection of petite clothing. Boohoo have a wide selection of dresses and I was most impressed when it came to their array of dresses designed with the short gal in mind. Often, brands who do have a petite section struggle to fill the section with clothes you actually want to wear and hang in your wardrobe. So, listen up, if you want a petite section in your store at least make your standard clothing in that petite fit to make it fit for all, just a warning you know!

When in a crisis, always opt for polka dot.

I have a real obsession, addiction or just love for polka dot. I always turn to the pattern when in doubt or just when it’s being sold. I just love, the retro feel of the print. It’s also a pattern that never dates so when it’s added to a dress style that would typically freak me out it almost feels better for me to opt for the bodycon. I went for my usual size 8 and found the fit to be ideal, not too tight or too loose in area, the fit was like a glove. Perfection. With constant discount codes and offers, Boohoo are always offering next day delivery for a little price of offers on selected ranges so chances are you’ll be able to get this dress or even a similar one for less, the next day or just on your door for a great price. I think, the great thing with Boohoo is it’s affordability- no snobby prices and means you can always try new styles and if doesn’t go to plan or you don’t feel as sassy as you’d like to, no worries as you’ve no spent that months’ rent to be able to afford it.

I went for this bodycon polka dot number. I found the style and pattern would be perfect for casual and evening attire- in the visuals you’re being presented with I’ve styled this casually. I’ve gone for a pair of simple pink aviator sunglasses inspired by the Kylie Minogue eyewear collection for a much smaller price. I’ve made this a rather casual look with the addition of the white trainers; we’ve now gone from scary figure hugging bodycon dress to something that can be worn on any sunny day with an A-line blazer, trainers and a retro pair of sunnies. Bodycon dresses, completed it mate.

Buy Petite: This is nothing ground breaking but when it comes to buying a dress that will fit you just perfectly and not gape or look too long or too big you need to buy for your height. Most retailers, including Boohoo have this wonderful filter that means you can select either- petite or plus and some retailers even have the tall filter which means if you’re like the BFG you’ll also be catered for too. Winning. This means, that even if the model is taller than you, you’ll know that the dress you select will fit you and not drown you. What a stroke of luck.

Consider the whole look: When you buy any clothing item, chances are, you’ll buy it on a whim and not think about it as a whole look- you’ll not consider that you’ve not got a white tee to pair with the real eye catching trousers. So when buying your body con dress, try it on if necessary with a pair of heels or the pair of shoes you have in mind- this will make it less terrifying in the trial process. Sounds nothing, but works a real treat if tight fitting clothing fills you with as much dread as it does me.

Midi: Although, you’d think a midi length would make you look shorter, in fact I’ve found them to give me a little bit more height as well as become very slimming even when feeling like a baby elephant. In the visuals, you can see the midi length really does wonders, if like me, you’re lacking in height.

This post was in collaboration with Boohoo; accessories and dress have been gifted but views remain my own. To shop my look, use below!

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Photography- Niamh Francis

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