The Anti-Denim Edit

We all have that person we run to, if we’re in need of a chinwag- that person we show our ex fellas new bird to, the person who we share our thoughts with and the person we share a bottle of gin with. In simple terms, it’s the life saver. The person, you turn to in a crisis. And you know what, denim, yes denim, is that person in a metaphorical sense. Don’t worry English grad friends, I’ve not lost my marbles just yet. But what happens, if we strip our wardrobes down, remove the denim and turn to alternative materials and bottom half pieces for some outfit sprucing up?

I rely on denim. Denim is my go to, like it is yours. Casual denim = MOM jeans and for evening/work¬† it’s the skinny jean. Denim pretty much covers most areas, I rely on it to ensure I’m not walking out for the world to see my thong and zitty behind. (TMI) However, recently I’ve started to change it up in my wardrobe and try to not rely on the denim clothing in my wardrobe like my life depends on it. Why? Well, I was looking through my Insta feed and well, i realised I had an issue, where my uniform appeared to be jeans and a tee or jeans and a blouse. There is only so many times, a different angle, mirror and lipstick can make it look semi different. I’ve been recently opting for a pair of trousers to make my wardrobe, less unified and less like I only have jeans in my wardrobe.

I think this immediate steer towards denim comes from school, we wore trousers to school and thus considered the thought of wearing trousers- unbelievable and a sin to all. Now, however, I love the ol’trouser and can’t get enough of bringing it back into the casual trend. I think, this new found love affair with the trouser look, comes from my researching on Pinterest for Audrey Hepburn looks. I love Audrey Hepburn’s films and style- the epitome of class and sophistication. I aspire to bring her retro style up into modern times- the aid of a neck tie works wonders for these times. Though, I noticed that as well as the flared jean she also wore trousers. A tapered trouser. I thus, went onto ASOS and hunted for the perfect pair.

I already, own a pair of tapered trousers and adore the fit and look. I think they are a fabulous piece. As you’d guessed, these are navy, from the petite section and from Next. If, I had taken bets before writing that, many of you would be winning money for guessing 1/3 those things correctly. I wanted to add in a few different colours just to mix it up- i love navy but only so many times I can do the navy. I purchased this colour, which I’d describe as a creamy neutral colour the perfect shade/colour for Spring/Summer time. I’ve felt guilty for choosing to wear trousers during the warm weather but I do think, it is dependent on the choice of colour and fit with a trouser. These, being the ideal trouser for this time of year. I’ll also be content bringing them into the Autumn/Winter time with the swapping of shoes.

These trousers are from ASOS and I believe they’re a real staple for any wardrobe. These are a pair of trousers that you can use for work and play- for me, for work, I wear a pair of sandals or ballet pumps. For play, slip on a pair of nude heels or even a plain trainer and you’re good to go. Trousers don’t have to be boring or bootcut for that matter!

Keep it minimal

When I opt for trousers both casually and professionally, I’ll always keep the top quite neutral, keeping the look neutral will just give off a real chic look and be embodying your Audrey Hepburn- making simple pieces, a classic statement.

Masculine Shoes

A trainer, a loafer or a brogue make for a great shoe addition with trousers; I personally feel they make for a chic minimal and put together look. Almost the look you’d expect from the editor of a Fashion magazine, let’s say Vogue- walking through London with her eco friendly coffee cup.

Opt for classics

I’ve really tried to approach clothes shopping differently; in favour of shopping for trends. I’ve gone down the route of buying classic and typically out of season but classic nevertheless, pieces- to ensure that they last the test of time in favour of looking out dated next season. My advice with trousers, buy neutral shades to make life easier for pairing tee’s and blouses with them. I’ve gone for cream, navy and black. Although, i could do with an additional colour but there are no surprises with owning a navy pair is there really?


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