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It seems that everywhere I look there are offers- 3 for 2,s buy 3 and 1 free and of course spend over x and get more points. These are tempting and always end up with me buying new beauty products. I also acquire too many beauty products through this side line, there are some really kind brands who send products so my stash of products is vast. I thought today, that I would run through all my recent purchases, loves and recommendations both high end and low end.

Bobbi Brown: ‘Skin Long Wear Weightless Foundation’

Bobbi Brown is a beauty brand that to me as a consumer, is the brand that really focuses on natural beauty. The marketing is always clean, polished and the emphasis on enhancing what your Mumma gave you is present throughout. Retailed at £31, this is on the higher end of foundation but like most beauty products; you get what you pay for. Chances are, you’ll pay a little more and the product itself will last for much longer than had you bought the dupe. I am so far, amazed by this foundation; a pea size amount really does blend over the whole face and showcase a real natural look to the skin. It also does a fairly good job at concealing any blemishes such as hormonal redness. Coverage, is medium despite the natural finish and don’t worry you’ll cover that mars sized zit on your cheek. But, rest assured this foundation works wonders at feeling as though you’ve got nothing on the skin other than moisturiser. Do you get me? I’ve taken a real shine to this foundation and will be adding it to my list of products to buy when this runs out; worth the money and purchase. I use these points, for justifying the next beauty purchase. 

Natural Collection Correction Sticks

Natural Collection have really upped their game in the last few years when it comes to giving the consumer what they want; they’ve taken note of trends as illustrated with these correcting sticks. Re-vamping the products and their packaging which has always pleased me greatly. These sticks, are being replicated all on the high street so don’t worry if you’ve not seen them yet; but if you’re not familiar with the concept, these bad boys are in three shades; red green and yellow. Three shades which all help with either; dark circles, dullness or blemishes. The colours have all been found to be the ideal shade for correcting the issues that we all try to hide through makeup products. I own the dark circles and dullness sticks since when I’m having a tiresome day I need all the help I can get. Blending with the remaining base products, these are ideal for brightening my skin on a bad day. At £1.99 a stick, these are a perfect addition to any make up bag and at that price these are also worth the experiment.

Benefit Bad Girl Mascara

After the big parties that Benefit held to launch this product, it’s no wonder why I wanted to try this product so badly; if you ask me this mascara had so much hype that it had to be good. So, it felt like fate, when there was a sample attached to the Summer edition of Elle magazine back in July. This mascara, I feel wipes the floor with the Sister products such as the ‘They’re real’ mascara which in the beginning I thought was the Daddy of mascaras but the latest addition to the mascara family IS the Daddy in fact. If there is such a thing as Daddy’s of mascaras; I feel this gives effortlessly long, volumised and thick lashes without looking clumpy and gunky which often can be the case. At £18, this isn’t the most expensive purchase, a splurge perhaps but worth the treat every 6 months if you ask me. Lash volume is a tick, definition is a tick so what’s more to want? When I’ve had a lash lift, it’s even better my lashes just look wonderful if I say so myself. False lashes what are falsies?

Fenty Beauty Free Style Highlighter Duo

Rhianna releasing her beauty line anticipated, around the world because everyone wanted to know whether she could design beauty products better than she could act. Anyone seen her acting ability? Poor, I’d stick to J.LO. I selected the Highlighter duo which i wanted because I’d heard fabulous reviews but also because I wanted to add in a higher end highlighter into my collection. I wanted to know whether it’d live up to the hype; especially since our lower end highlighters in recent years have been spectacular. Pay off being super. Fenty’s effort, well works wonders, it’s a dream. At £24 it is a heavy purchase but as I said with my other purchases, it’s worth the price tag for such an outstanding product. A small light dusting gives an effortless glow. If, you however want a product that has a similar pay off without going into your overdraft- I’d opt for the high street alternative from  ‘Lottie London’ and their highlighting squad. The pigment and packaging is glorious, however from Fenty that for having that in your make up bag is just sublime; So what more do you need? Oh, yeah Rhianna’s bank balance.

Bourjois Rouge Velvet Lipstick

I received a sample of these lipsticks back in December last year in a beauty advent calendar from Amazon. I wanted to try it since the previous lip formulas, I’d tried from Bourjois had always let me down- being either too crumbly or worse just feel like lip gloss, too sticky and gunky. Not the combination, you want, or what they advertise. Despite their previous attempts with matte lipsticks, with these I am stunned by their application and actual matte consistency. The application has a smooth silky texture and then dries matte, but the matte texture is perfect. It really packs up a matte punch thus your lipstick will stay on full for the day; I’ve tried most of their nude shades and these have a great staying consistency. One thing, however that is worth noting if you’re thinking about adding a couple to the make up collection would be that the  brighter shades do require a lip liner and some maintenance through the day to ensure you’re not impersonating the Joker but for the pay off you get, it could be a vital purchase. At £8.99 a stick, these are just worth the pounds for a simple lip statement.

What are your current beauty must haves?


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