What I Wore: London Fashion Week

Fashion Week. The two words that everyone who follows a so called ‘blogger’ or fashion journalist will tell you is essentially the epitome of fashion and vanity. It’s the week for London, New York, Paris and Milan to showcase the latest seasons’ fashions. Up with your fashions for sure. I’ve been lucky enough to have attended two seasons, I attended the February catwalks and then this season, both with the team from Black PR/Oxford Fashion Studios. I thought I’d share some photos of what I wore specifically since it took a whole lot of Pinterest stalking, ASOS browsing and wandering shops to come to this outfit.

I’m no luxury high end blogger with Dior and Versace on my mobile as contacts; although in retrospect i’d probably get more of a reaction from them, then current acquaintances who sit as contacts on my mobile device; so I never expect to be sat front row at such shows. However, when Fashion Week is on, London has a real buzz to it where fashion is the talking point; even our cabbie knew we were attending the catwalks this year. Despite, not attending the high end fashion shows, for me Fashion Week is fashion week regardless of designer, London post code and invite. So, for me my outfit had to shout Fashion Week.


As most of you know, I don’t follow the trends which I’d say is my weakest flaws of blogging since I don’t go out and buy whatever seems to come out and is spotted in the Daily Mail side bar of shame. I’m the opposite to my blogging pals; so I wanted to wear that something that potentially wasn’t exactly in trend but shouted EV in a dress, suit or jumpsuit. So, I headed to Zara.

Zara is a brand that I return to each season, usually to raid their children’s department since this department is glorious. A size 13/14 has to be an adult 6-8, I’m certain. I usually love their shoes, since I have size 2 feet and as a result it means their adult shoes are not small enough. Whose winning really? I am. NO VAT. Although, the children’s department this time didn’t come up trumps their adult section did, which over the last months was a real treat. Zara were copying other high street stores with lots of pieces that were just ghastly and not my cup of tea; this time however some real fabulous pieces. Perhaps, the range of polka dot print really caught my eye. As Always.

First Zara piece was this dress. This dress is a firm favourite. I love the polka print, a girl can’t have enough polka dot in her wardrobe if you ask me. Although, I wasn’t aiming for pieces that would reflect this seasons trends, I sort of have, unintentionally of course. The midi length. This length is really in this season, so goodbye to bare anus on show and hello sexy ankle. I think this length is really flattering and ideal for this time of year. I also love the military detailing on the shoulders; giving the dress a tailored vibe to it. Then the designers have gone in with the addition of this belt which I feel is ideal. I find that with some longer dresses they make look larger than I am; this a lot of the time is because I’m a short arse. Thus, the addition of a chunky big black belt is ideal for pinching together your waist and giving off the desired hour glass figure we are all busking a gut out to achieve.

To assist the look, I went for my trusted floppy hat. These hats I bring out every Autumn and are ideal for fashion week; since they look chic and very well put together. Then, I added a pair of chunky black boots and a faux leather jacket. These three pieces bring this entire look together as well as staying in theme with Autumn and being a little daring with fashion. For me, the daring part comes with wearing a longer dress and a pair of heeled boots- almost coming out of my fashion comfort zone if you like.

Make- Up is an entire different ball game and is perhaps a different blog post in it’s entirety so if you want to know the products I used for achieving my LFW look, give us a shout. For now, I leave you with this look.

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