New Year. New Me.

Happy New Year to you, I write this from the past and no I’m not signing up to be the new Doctor Who anytime soon, but you know, with that it brings me onto New Year’s Resolutions and why this year, I’m planning them and why I want to actually stick to them and see whether I can say that I did something and stuck to it. Let’s see shall we, set your watches to 31/12/19 and we’ll know whether the following resolutions can be stuck too.

Drink more water

This is dedicated to my personal trainer, my Sister and anyone who preaches the art and reasons why we should all drink plenty more water than we do. I know that on the days that I’m guzzling the stuff down my throat, I’m a little more with it and I just feel generally more refreshed than I do not drinking water, or just drinking fluids in general. So, resolution 1-drink more water. Let’s see how long it’ll last for, maybe until 02/01.

Read more books

I read an article that 6 minutes of sleep before bedtime increases chances of a better night sleep than those nights where we spent half an hour before flicking through our ex’s new girlfriends Insta feed. I however, am guilty of the later part, I spend way too much time on social media than I do reading a book which means I end up moaning that I’ve had a disturbed nights sleep. So, the new year I’m intending on reading more. I blame studying English Literature at University and A Level because of the sheer amount of literary content I consumed over the course. This meant that, by the end of it I was done with any form of book, poem or play especially in reading form. I no longer read for pleasure but for the course. 2019, however will the year I start reading more. 

Evening out = Need new outfit

This is joked about time and time again on Twitter yet I’m guilty of it. Time and Time again, when I’m due to go out whether it’s a family meal, out with friends or an occasion I’ll always without fail buy a new outfit. Scroll ASOS, Boohoo and hope there is something under £20 and buy that; whether a top or dress I’ll go for it. I’ve been in the habit of this for a while now, and as much as I love shopping and fashion I must stop buying for 1 evening especially when the chances of re-wearing it are the same as me pulling anytime soon. I’m terrible for living with the motto, that if I’ve worn it once, I can’t be seen out in it again. The last few weeks I’ve got better, I’ve started to recycle pieces I wore last year and have recycled them into newer pieces through different accessories, shoes and poses for the photo. For me, it’s the worry that people will judge me for wearing the same outfit, when in actual fact, nobody will scroll through my feed from years ago anyway. Or not that I know of? Yes, I’m that bad. Instead, I want to build a capsule wardrobe for occasion wear that can be re-worn and not be hurled out. I’ve nailed this for the cami tops, I have a whole coat hanger full of cami tops that I just bring out for evenings, so it’s time I approached all pieces of my wardrobe with the same logic. I think with this, comes with it a change of attitude regarding recycling and up-cycling clothing. Anyway, who really wants a poorly made dress made very unethically? 


Now, what could that mean? Yep, you guessed it, it’s vlogging and YouTube. I really got into the swing of producing and creating YouTube content and then life just got in the way and I’ve not vlogged since September. Why? Effort time but also embarrassment. I’m kind of nervous, shy and a bit embarrassed when talking in front of the camera. I can talk to anyone but in front of a camera, I feel peculiar. But I feel like I need to re-brand and YouTube could be that platform that I can use to expand myself. If you agree, let me know and I’ll up be for hearing your suggestions as to the sort of content you’d like me to produce.

I’ve reached the end for when it comes to new years resolutions, perhaps because I’ve realised that any others are maybe more personality related. One’s like; saying no to things I don’t want to do, cutting out the toxic individuals from my life, being confident through all times of my life and perhaps not using the past as a reason to not doing something. To always look forward rather than looking back at the past.

So, what have you put as your New Years Resolution this year?



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