2019 Fitness Resolutions


Davina has a new DVD out and is popping up everywhere on National daytime television so that must mean one thing. January is here. I do mean McCall, if we’re not aware folks. But. January is here and with that it means that we are all aiming to make our new year our year for fitness activities. Whether it’s weight loss, to get fit or just simply to whack out some of that ol’lycra. We’re all on a health kick, even I’ve added ‘to drink more water’ into my plan for the new year.

I’m aiming to improve my fitness regime. In 2018, I focused on my recovery through CBT, adding in the odd gym class and more importantly getting into a place that would allow me to manage a life long chronic illness. With that said, putting fitness back into my life hasn’t all been perfect. I’ve attempted to go back to the classes I was doing when I was well and then putting my recovery had a pause and ending up in bed for days on end. With this said, it’s important for disclaimer, that I’ve managed to return to classes such as spinning, Just Jhoom, Aqua and Yoga which are the classes I did previously and was sure that I could never return to. I’m now, however, missing the ones run by Les Mills the Daddy’s of fitness classes if you ask me. But, I know that the times last year I attempted Pump or Combat, I was way too delicate after any activity such as these and for the sake of a few calories I need to put my health first. To ensure, that I can continue to keep in shape, burn lots of calories and look like Kylie Minogue/Gal Gadot I’ve come up with the following resolutions.


I hate the gym. There I said it. The shock, the horror and the shame on my membership but I just don’t enjoy cross trainers, treadmills and rowing machines. But, I say but because I know lots of you will be thinking then what do you do? Well, I love a class. I think I get more from a class than any other exercise. I think having someone shouting at you, is definitely one way of motivating you to ensure you never do too little or not enough. I am going to start booking far more classes in favour of going spontaneously. I think, doing so will ensure that I actually go as I’ve got an an email and reminder into my phone in favour of just a casual thing in my diary. You know, the professional adulting way of keeping active and healthy.

Add in weights

I think I saw either flicking through Cosmo or scrolling through Instagram someone’s body transformation after adding in weights in favour of pure cardio. The transformation was smashing. The sculpt, the sheer change was far superior to a weight loss with just cardio. When I was at my fitness peak, I was smashing it out with the weights but as soon as I’d lost the sensation in my hands and feet because of nerve damage I could no longer use the weights. Then towards the end of last year, I went back to Pump- a class designed purely around weights. After the class I was tender, sore but most importantly felt this sudden toned feeling that everyone raved on about. So, you know what- let’s add in a few of those weights into my weekly routine. For the record, I’m aiming to tone not to bulk up and body build just to set the record straight!

Capsule Fitness Collection

I have more lycra than most, in all honesty I see it like leisure wear. It’s comfortable flattering and if you need to pop to the shops always looks like you’ve put lots of time and effort into your wardrobe. Is there anything worse than seeing someone when you’ve made no effort with your appearance? Nah, I think not. I’ve started to really think about my fitness wear, ie what I like and what I don’t like. For example, ¾ length leggings are my least favourite. They always make me feel curvier and shorter, so nah. Secondly, I don’t like tight fitted tee’s you get because they don’t look great sat hunched over on a spin bike. I prefer an ankle grazer legging, a vest top and a decent sports bra. This is another one, I don’t see the point in buying sports bras that have no support, what is the point of a crop top style bra? Absolutely none in the slightest if you ask me. In the words of Miranda, If I go bra less or wear a bra that has no support, I’ll look like I’m smuggling ferrets in my top as I run.

How will you be changing your routine for the New Year? In the words of Olivia Newton John, let’s get physical.

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